Wilhelm Reich and Pope Benedict XVI


Almost 3 years ago I was looking to make a full page add in one major US american newspaper to honour of Wilhelm Reich’s 50th death anniversary. He, a German Jew, died in an US american prison – after escaping Hitler Germany – because he had been building and promoting SEX BOXES which others called it Orgon accumulators http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilhelm_Reich .

Anyway I am very fortunate and grateful that Pope Benedict the XVI honored my work by knighting me and admitting me to the Order of Sylvester http://www.energy-medicine.info/vision-mission.html and together with the diplomatic passport of the Hospitaler order gives me a maximum of protection not to have the same fate. Also I think and believe that lessons have been learned and my personal experiences with the FDA are neutral and not as horrific as often described by people that have a much smaller impact on the field of holistic and spiritual medicine as Inergetix.  Paradoxically it is now the “scientific” community that is harassing me more  … 500 years ago it was the Pope who put a person like Galileo under arrest whole now honouring me as a person who is bringing new ideas for the alleviation of suffering ….. what a turn around.

Well it took  2 weeks of work for one of my employees to find a newspaper that wanted to take the following for a full-page paid add that I was willing to and paid for 20 000 $ ….wonder why about 20 other newspapers declined to publish this page …. only the Washington Post did (listed links have been changed) :
[scribd id=26968487 key=key-wwbusd9umm7s642ztsb width=770 height=900]

With his page I wanted to honour the legacy of Wilhelm Reich, whom I consider the founder of Energy Medicine and whom I studied extensively. In the next posts I will describe how his new and key concepts of the Orgasm-Reflex and the structure of the Organ-accumulators can be explained and understood for the first time with the idea of DLE.


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