Why we need the FDA and other things we do not like


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Deep and useful interview with my friend Dr D in Bangkok

“The job of a healer is to show options on how life can be lived”

Near death experience,  don’t change you life – change your focus and importance, stability in from of life-pattern and insurances, DLE a state of all possibilities, death as a reset, Richard talks about his understanding that love and compassion have to re-enter medicine, being guided by a higher me of myself, having more healing modalities at hand that create a different perspective on YOURSELF, a different perspective is given in a near death experience and has to be given in healing as well, becoming open to CHANGE because time is limited, becoming able to go beyond protocols, procedures, practices, habits,


Bangkok seminar PART 2-the Rife mistake – Hulda Clark and more

Alternation is the key to healing – harmony will maybe not increase but our ability to deal with dis-harmony in a constructive way

There are not one method that works for everyone, finding what works for them not by the doctor but by the patient himself, the more fearful we become the more limited we are, the challenge to have a healing method that provides safety without freedom , the energetic and informational modalities integrated in the CoRe system are two complementary roads to achieve more DLE, alternation  not killing viruses is the role of all energy equipment it is to introduce change and the impulse for self-healing, not like many Rife technicians still believe that they erase unhealthy pathogens, alternation of magnetic or electric fields, light and darkness are a powerful means to re-introduce the YIN-Yang alternation to a organism that has gone into stagnation, just as doing hot and cold bath, alternating Lipitor with fatty acids as a biochemical alternation or with oil and acids in Hulda Clark’s liver cleanse.

Spiritually we can create more aliveness by alternating inward and outward attention alternatingly and the higher the frequency of alternation the higher the degree of aliveness and spiritual depth, when you stay and identify with your illness, your safety, your routine you will become your illness, would we really want to be on this planet if there were no challenges, being open to change not only as a theoretical possibility but as a practical reality that we practice



Bangkok seminar PART3 – The FDA is good for our immune response

Lets get our patients on a new track rather than “back on the old track”

The FDA is good for our immune response, deep down we are all allopath, if something in our world creates disharmony we want to remove it from our world, the left brain approach – that if anything is attacking it must be killed, coming to a different understanding of disease and becoming part of the experience, the Dance of the Wu Li Master, the 2 opposing forces have to be brought at best to the same moment, alternation is what we have to bring to the life of our patients , Thailand and Brazil these are places where something new is possible and happening today, controversial talk is not negative at its best it creates DLE, the new age idea to “never give negative affirmations” gives you the illusion that it is possible without the other pole, getting patients “not back on track BUT on a different track” , disease exists as a labilizing effect because it was too stuck or because we have even more possibilities that we did not see, we have to re-evaluate many common new age goals about “relaxing, meditating, being easy with each other, be happy, open and smiling” – sometimes the opposite is more healthy, left right left right the EMDR way



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