Why Homeopathy does not work "Generically"


First my thanks to Kiran for inviting me to speak to the folks attending
the London Seminar. I had fun and met some great people.

So … I have a question. This has been a question I have been living in for
probably 20 years or more and it simply stays unanswered for me. So here goes.

During the first world war the American Army had a complete Homeopathic
Medical Corp. After the war, in the 1920’s, some of the Homeopaths were
writing in the Journals of their experiences. Of the complete absence of infection
in any ward or clinic which had a bucket of water with some Calendula 30 in it,
used to wash wounds.

But what bothered me most was the incredible usefulness of Argentum Nit
with soldiers too frightened to ‘go over the top’. They would turn from
quivering wrecks into returning to their units and going into battle.

Seems like a ‘good thing’ in one aspect but perhaps it is a measure of insanity to
voluntarily return to a place where death and mutilation and highly likely,
not to say guaranteed.  To go willingly into a pact of mutual suicide by
machine gun is insane from the point of view of survival and reproduction.
It is perhaps sane from a group survival place.

So what is this saying about what the Homeopathic remedy does for the person.
What does this say about the nature of the human species. does it mean that
mutual slaughter is built into the nature of the species or even ‘life on earth’.
Is murder by war a natural aspect of evolution?

Can we think/speculate about this area yet.  Certainly for me it has prompted
many more questions but no clear simple answer just yet.
Any ideas, insights, speculations..???


Robert: of the family Davidson.

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Hello Robert …. thank you for your appreciation

You say that homeopathy has proven to work generically to prevent infection in ALL soldiers that got water that

contained Calendula and that ArgNit  turned ALL soldiers that took it into fearless war-robots.

That is certainly not True as you know Homeopathy like any informational remedy does not work generically

that means the same way in all people that get it

This is a key difference of all informational remedies in comparison to energetic or matter medicine.

If you are hit by a hammer or radiation therapy it will hurt no matter who you are but if somebody

gives you some information for example “I love you” the effect of this information will depend on countless factors.

That  is why Homeopathy is so difficult and thanks God it is this way…. imagine otherwise somebody could put

ArgNit in the drinking water and we would all become fearless Zombies……

Some Homeopathics are more universally applicable for some indications like Canlendula for “lacerations”

but as you said yourself in your presentation

“Homeopathy always has failed badly when  it is prescribed based on SOME THEORY”

so lets not have the THEORY it will prevent infection in GENERAL

and use the CoRe system instead

but THEORY is so lovely…. it gives you the feeling that “YOU KNOW”


PS: I dont want to turn this Forum in a place to discuss “If wars are preventable”

but you have the Answere “More DLE in our personal life and that of nations will make it not so likely

that the forces of nature will need wars to break down our habits and momentum”


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