When will the CoRe be able to answer the “How much” ?


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Dear Kiran

The CoRe system is great and excellent in answering “which one ?” .

It compares different variables in the same category and choose the most resonant relative to each others. It lacks however the ability to absolutely quantize discreete variables. Given I need A how much of A do I need?  Ok I know I need this medication or this supplement but how many mg do I need ? how often will I take it ? what is the health status of my heart on a scale from 0-100% ? Radionics system and pendulums can answer easily such questions while in CoRe it is a little bit tedious. Like choosing the most appropriate frequency CoRe can be extended in the future versions to be able to choose values associated for discrete variables based on a range pre-specified  by the user . When will CoRe to be able to choose which value is the most resonant within variables from this range . When CoRe will be able to answer such questions only then we will be able to put the pendulum or the radionic device totally aside.

Kiran’s comment : (I will answer your other post – next time)

Dear Jiro1178 (hope you like this name as you choose it ?)

first welcome, I know you are one of the very few users we have in Lebanon – great step you are taking to get involved with CoRe.

Quantity is one of the aspects unique to the physical and energetic level and has no correspondence on the informational or spiritual level. This is the result of the fact that there is no distance nor time in the informational realm. That is what you experience when you are in coma or another state that disconnects you from the limitations of physical existence – then you can do what they call “Astral”-travel and you can be instantaneously where you want to be as Shakespeare describes his experience in one of the Sonnets “As nimble thought can jump both sea and land – as quick as thought as can be”

For this reason also it was never possible even for people that had an exceptionally good connection to the informational realm to make any valid predictions about timing of events – they might have all occurred but not at the time predicted (and certainly the predictions about 2012 will make no exceptions in this respect) . As there is no quantity on the informational level there is consequently no validity of numbers – and for this same reason no psychic has ever become rich by predicting lottery numbers – which often by simple minded people was seen as the prove that “predicting the future” is not possible in general.

Knowing right quantity is the proper function and ability of the left brain which for that reason has become so over-powering in our culture.

In my experience quantity is of no importance for the application of informational remedies – like Homeopathy – if you give one or 100 globuli does not make a difference – on the contrary Hahnemann even warned never to give the same remedy twice.

However on a physical and energetic level quantity can make a big difference, if you have dinner at 35 degree as I do today here in Brazil or at minus 10 in other places in this world makes a difference. Or if you give a dose of ultrasound to explode some gall-stones – too little will not do much – too much will destroy other tissues. If you give a too high dose of a sedative to a hyperactive child you might make him dull beyond the possibility to recover him later – if you give too little he might break again one of the expensive decorative pieces of his parents.

At present CoRe is only able to simulate the work of the right hemisphere of our brain, which makes the connection to the informational realm and thus be very accurate to show all the connections that the person you are testing is having on this level – which will make you understand why he is where he is in his life right now (provided you have a good right brain working yourself) – this is what I call Associative-processing

However the analytical thinking has some really important functions as well – and the left brain is responsible, not for the discovery, which again is the right brain, but for the development of all of our advanced technologies and practices – also in medicine.

For that reason I am working since over 2 years on a CoRe function that will allow to also simulate the working of the left brain and then only provide a true “artificial intelligence” that all those who currently only try to imitate left brain function with computer programs will never achieve.

Here is a first screenshot of this module – it will not be part of version 6 but certainly of 7 – until then use your left brain – if you want even assisted by a pendulum







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  1. First A great addition to Core 7 Great work Kiran you keep on impressing me . Second I agree with you about the informational state and its characteristics compared to the energetic/physical state.

    Yet i was able to simulate quantitative search with The Core for food incompatibility testing. I developed a tray where the core tests grades of yes and grades of no to my surprise when the answer is yes all the yes grades where chosen and when the answer is no all the no grades where chosen sometimes core choice was a mixture of yes and no and it turns out that the answer is equivocal or carries several explanations as an application in food compatibility testing if answer is yes food definitely compatible if no food definitely incompatible if equivocal could be compatible or not depending on different criteria health status of patient…….. I had a patient with food allergy i tested an allergy tray developed by me based on this concept i was surprised with the concordance i got with a muscle testing results the patient did with another practitioner who practice naet. when core gives a yes answer the food is definitely not allergic the patient confirms having no symptoms or the item caused muscle strength on muscle testing with another practitioner

    when core gives  a no food allergic muscle weakness confirmed by patient . when food equivocal it turned out that also through muscle testing the results were  equivocal sometimes the item caused muscle weakness and was stopped in other times the item caused muscle strength and was allowed

    the degree of concordance really was impressive this could be a turn around for situations where a quantization  is   needed.


  2. May I add some remarks regarding allergies independant from the diagnostic systems used.

    My experience from 25 years of dealing with allergic patients – and suffering from allergies in former times myself – revealed a high score of emotional backgrounds. High score means 90+%. So my patients learn first to find the initial conflict (e.g. adolescence conflicts with dominant persons, superiority, disgust, violation) that caused the allergy. The next step is to solve the conflict at the time it was created e. g. by EFT, and finally by rewriting the life calender you end up in an allergy free present life. So especially left-brained persons get rid of their allergies.

    There is no need to quantize the allergy problem. The only validation I use is to find the ranking of “competing” allergies, because it is most effective to address the allergies by their order of importance (which may vary from session to session). Once you solve the upmost two allergies some tens or twenties of allergies disappear. Allergy is a software problem, not a hardware problem. And by the way: in a very high percentage you will find lactose intolerance linked with “mother” related (= yin type) conflicts and allergy against gluten with “father” related (yang type) conflicts.

    There are persons with a so-called multipersonality disorder (MPD) who show a very impressing behaviour: one personality e.g. is allergic to cats and another personality in the same body likes cats best and can’t stop to pet the cat. These persons switch from allergic to tolerant within minutes – this is only explainable on a software = information level, not by biochemical processes.

    So a few number of main “allergens” is enough – and quality is more important than quantity. Which is valid for dowsing and using pendulums, too.

    Kind regards


    Kiran’s comment : Thank you Folker – you speak my mind and add to my own understanding – I could not put it better . Yes when the initial or primary issue is addressed a whole list of allergies is disappearing because it is not a selective biochemical issue – as even many “holistic” practitioners believe and make their client believe but it is an indicator that points to a common software issue. Also the idea of yin-type allergies versus yang type ones is very worth further development as in everything also disease is the result of an interference issue. Maybe this could be something you can give a presentation on at the AIM training in Iceland