What is Information?


What is Information?

We have been trained to see the external of things and take them being the things themselves. With Energy  we cannot do this because it usually does not have an external form so we either say “We do not know what is energy” or we just invent a hypothetical energy-particle and call it Tachyon, Hadron or whatever.

With Information we think it is much easier and say “Books, Magazines, Media are information” and do not realize that these are only a tangible carriers of information. What is Information itself?

“Information is polarity, it is potential”

This sounds very simple but I know this definition has enormous implications.

Information is IN-FORMATION, it is that which gives form to things and events, but more than that it is/ provides the reason, the purpose, the direction what things are and what they can become, it is the plan of past, present.

Remember the idea of the Quadtrinity aspect of creation, this means there  is material information, energetic information, informational information and spiritual information. Let’s give a quick introduction of examples to these categories of information :

  1. Material information

Information that is ruled by momentum, inertia. In a recent study participants had to write down every thought that came to their mind during a day —- and the result showed that 95% of all thoughts that we are having in a day are a repetition from the previous days…… these are material information…. They are based on repetition, imitation, desire to be the same, habit.

  1. Energetic information

Information that is based on Change, and this is the information that looks like unfocused, undisciplined because it introduces change in a train of thought, those with a greater preponderance of the left brain have less of it and those with a center of gravity in the right brain have more of it …. It is called associative thinking.

  1. Informational information

In a way this kind of information is the one which “Truly” deserves the name information as it has potential, potential now only for change but also potential to make things more stable and solid which in a way is also a change…. So possibly the equation  Information = “Potential for change” is a very appropriate one. From a physics perspective Potential always needs a Polarity and therefore the equation Information = Polarity is a formal consequence …. But what this practically means I will start to describe below.

Much of what is now called “Potential Energy” is from this point of definition actually Informational Information, but more about this another time.

  1. Spiritual information

Spiritual Information is information that is aimed at ONENESS, which means it is information that in its secondary quality has an aim/ tendency/ purpose that is opposite to the very essence of information itself, which is as we said POLARITY. Polarity is the leading aspect of Duality and Multiplicity. So what form of information do we know that have this built-in contradiction ?

It is the nature of Koans to contain an intellectual contradiction that is only intended to produce an experience of ONENESS. OR  one point of view non-sense statements like “I am” or “I am that” create a state of polarity that it aimed at strengthening an experience of ONENESS. AND most generally all experiences of DLE, if allowed, without following the always predominant urge to get out as quickly as possible create a state of ONENESS

But lets get back to the Archetype of Information that of course as every Archetype does not exist but is simply a mental extraction out of the Quadtrinity reality of things that is pure polarity.

We know that it is always polarity that makes new things come into existence polarities for example of having-not having, fearing-wanting, present-future, loving-avoiding, existing-ideal, allowed-prohibited, aware-unaware. These are a few of the millions of polarities that we need to be alive, healthy, creative and happy.

I have seen over the time that the first 2 items in CoRe evaluations tend to be or to indicate the polarity in a person that needs attention. If one is suppressed or over-emphasized this is imbalance on the informational level and a deeper level of reason for disease.

One of the most common polarities that we tend to imbalance is between the NOW and the LARGER CONTEXT and funnily enough another “orthodox/ one-sided/ missing polarity idea” is presently making a best-sell …. It’s the “Power of NOW” which is served as the ALL-CURE.

And also risking to damage another almost religious illusion I say “to BE ONLY NOW/ PRESENT is as unhealthy/ immature/ incomplete as to BE ONLY CONCERNED ABOUT PAST AND FUTURE”

Children are always NOW small things make them immensely happy but small things make them equally unhappy….. how does this fit into the “Power of Now”.

In fact the more mature answer is that with things that make us happy we can be as NOW as possible and in fact the more NOW we are in a neutral moment the more things we find that make us happy. However what do we tell someone who was just told “he has cancer” or “who lost a dear friend” or even with simple things like betrayal, a bad service or a bad dinner…. Do we tell them “JUST BE NOW” of course not.

The more mature we are we learn  to see things with relativity and know or even better can feel that even terrible things loose their horror if viewed in the context of a few years or even life-times.

This ability to move/ zoom-out from “NOW” to a “LARGER CONTEXT” I call MAPQUEST and it is comparable to what we do by zooming in and out on maps with the difference it is here the MAP-OF-TIME. This is a form of Astral travel….that we have to learn either by trial and error and the suffering of many life-times, under the guidance of a more experienced guide and/or with the help of Informational Communication with the CoRe System.

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Budahood is the ability to Zoom at will between the LARGER CONTEXT and the PRESENT - non-attachment is the quality of a stone

Our journey into this unknown land “Information” has just began.


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