What enables the LaesEr Bioresonance System to detect the Biofield



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- New discoveries are coming from Brazil

All attempts to measure/ monitor/ detect  a biofield or Human Bodyfield followed the contemporary science mistake to isolate the object of investigation from any possible interference from other influences – be it visual, auditory, electromagnetic, human or whatever.

This is the common “scientific” approach to eliminate secondary effects – which has made it possible to uncover many basic laws and effects that were before covered up by secondary ones. This way of approaching nature to find its secrets started when Galileo dropped two balls from the tower of Pisa – that both hit the ground despite different weight. Later in evacuated tubes one could even see  that a coin and a feather fall at the same speed http://library.thinkquest.org/29033/history/galileo.htm – most people do not even understand this fact or its significance today – nor did Aristotle think this to be possible

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This started modern day experimental science with its dogma that “the more you can eliminate secondary influences from your experimental set-up the better the chance to find the fundamental working mechanisms of nature”.

Why this approach, despite its many valuable results has now come to a dead end – particularly in respect of studying Life/ Emotion/ Consciousness and how the LaesEr Bioresoance system is the result of breaking with this tradition, you will see in this video.



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