Voktorok Photography reveals the Aura-shadow





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New technology can create stunning Kirlian Photography that show the Shadow-Aura - even from a distance - without body contact. Taking the "Reversing Speech Technology" to the next level and combining it with Kirlian Photography we made stunning new discoveries - if taken with our Voktorok Gas Discharge Visualization technology it reveals his true intention under his spiritual pretense.



20 years of  research in Kirlian photography have lead Dr. Koratkov to develop the Gas Discharge Visualization that he combined with the Oberon nonlinear mathematics (russian term for random result generator) for an evaluation that reveals that coins and keys are just as alive as plants and animals and that they also emit a soul – he can now show scientific evidence that Vegetariens were wrong to think that they were not “killing”. To Korotkov his work is prove that all has a soul and electric discharges shows it – amazing new work – backed by the most ridiculous ghost and soul pictures I have seen until now.



if you want to see the whole nonsense http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQ4a_Gu49SA&feature=related


or better hear “Why I take the trouble to post all this ?”



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