CoRe: Key to discover vocational interests and spiritual rewards


Working  with CoRe help us discover the gifts and the callings of the universe. CoRe practitioners can help people or organisations of all kind, to discover amongst others, their real vocational interests as well as many motivational gifts and challenges.  They identify the steps and target the resources that are necessary to develop the real qualities and talents their customers possess.

By using the CoRe, the seeds of their (younger) client’s real vocational interests can very successfully be materialised into careers, assignments and tasks. This is a very important approach that only few people have used in the past, and which I would like to highlight, support and encourage.

By doing so, everyone’s talents will not only produce material earnings, but even more, generate valuable spiritual rewards, as they receive pleasure from knowing that they are fulfilling the callings of the universe, in other words, they will learn to enjoy the rewards of simplicity and integrity.

Simplicity and integrity are the 2 main inseparable boosters to enjoy the highest spiritual rewards. They both should not only to be lived on the professional field, but they already start at home. A manager shall not only give his best at work, and just serve emotional and physical leftovers to his family. The main problem of managers is that they invest the greatest part of their resources and gifts on professional projects, and when they get home their reserves are depleted. The greatest achievements however should be performed at home.

How many times people have been asked that question and answered, what they do in life. Without thinking they answer, “I’m a pilot,” or “I’m a zoologist,” or “I’m a manager.” But beyond small talk, that question suggests a deeper inquiry. What, indeed, do you DO, here on this earth, here in your life? What is your work? What is your passion? What is your aspiration, your dream, your calling? Do you find joy in your work? Have you given up hoping that joy is something you might expect from work? Or do you love your work so much that you have no time to enjoy anything else? Why do you have the job you do? Is it just a way to make ends meet, or is it something more? What is the relationship between your inner self and your outer, public life on the job?

In order to give the right answer to all of these questions, the search for everyone’s talents that will generate valuable spiritual rewards is so important. CoRe users do have these possibilities to help their clients towards the treasure of simplicity, integrity as well in the family as on the job.

Willy De Maeyer


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