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Today we had a tour of Damanhur, a community in north of Italy – and I only want to say how much I was impressed with the beauty of the underground temples that they created and I am full of awe about the spiritual force that must be present, to make hundreds of people join lovingly in this work of attempting to built a new society built on new values.

From the short time we spend there I learned about some of the key values and all resonate with my understanding :

  1. Dogma and fixed forms of worship  are nothing  but CHANGE can become a central value to be nourished in one’s life
  2. Synchronicity lines are the guiding principles and we have to study and learn to use synchronicity – divination methods are simply ways to use the principle of Synchronicity (as the CoRE system that stands for COincidence REcognition)
  3. There are the world of the spirit and of physical activity and we need to bring them closer and closer together in every moment of our lives – work with nature and art have great potential to make is possible
  4. Spiritual achievements depend to a large degree on persistence, the temple of humanity is a wonderful  symbol of that
  5. We can only grow in a loving exchange with our environment, other people and nature.

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