Valentines day – Unconditional Love – Orgasm reflex


1.   A little bit in advance some thoughts on how Love and Consciousness relate

2.   This week – our seminar in Chiang Mai Thailand – if you do not know a country where consistent heartfelt friendliness and an almost permanent smile is the cultural program you will miss this opportunity. If you had many impulses for a YES but eventually decided otherwise, realize that the life of most people is run by the BUTs rather than the YESs and this might motivate you to turn it around.

3.   Please see these amazing videos that can teach us on what it takes to connect to the informational matrix, the new possibilities it creates and that all is a result of DLE

4.   „How to best use the CoRe informational evaluation“ that also points at an astonishing  realization  what it takes to get to spiritual liberation

5.   Katherine made another effort to put all the steps together in her very clear and structured way that it takes to install all of our Hard- and Software, free for you to download

6.   This post describes what connects me with Wilhelm Reich and his ideas, particularly the Orgasm Reflex

7.   Describing my understanding on how Orgon accumulators work that I could verify with the Bio-LaesEr

And if you are writing to Sonia or Sandra please be a bit patient, as they are both here in Thailand for 10 days and are busy with tigers and elephants




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