USA informational virus makes you sick – afraid and believe that it is nowhere better

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(with my friend Marco Paulo at the Painting elephants at Elephant  farm Chiangmai Thailand)

Hello Kiran

It seems to me that many people are crazy.  Fear controls them and everyone who buys and uses guns to protect themselves.  It is the fear of premature death, which is inevitable for most people.

Guns are mostly meant to kill other people. Maybe you practice on a gun range, but still the underlying aim is to kill other human beings. You may justify this by saying to your selves that you need the guns to defend yourself (or your property) but the basic fact is that you intend to kill another human being. That is unsane behavior.

Unfortunately many people in the world seem to believe that. They engage in the behavior of wars, and justify their behavior.

Some kill animals based on necessary (perhaps) primitive behavior. (With a few exceptions such as Eskimos, or stranded humans who may even eat other animals, even though it is known that eating animals is likely
to lead to heart attacks and other ailments.

This unsanity fills the whole world, yet is is becoming that humans are part of one biosphere of life and will live best by cooperation, not conflict.

You weren’t born with the belief that is necessary to kill other life forms it is insidiously taught to children by Television, Children’s books that have wicked witches, parents acting unconsciously, and many other notions. Cooperation is seldom taught; only conflict.

Wars are acceptable, rationalized behavior. Young men are taught to kill other young  named the enemy but if they do that after there military service time ends, they are punished. But if they are policemen or members of certain, special government organizations it’s okay to kill others!

How psychotic can some humans make others?! Do we all have to live in an insane asylum?

Buryl Payne


Hello Buryl

dont assume that this is the situation all over the world

In USA the Ex-Governor of California “Arnold Schwarzenegger” killing hundreds on the cinema screen and it is not considered that this could lead some people to imitate him – USA has the most infant spiritual culture

it is really a RESET culture with the only purpose to break down ancient cultures all over the world and replace them with fast food and a life for shopping and money making.

It had its purpose but it will soon go the way all cultures eventually went – down the drain of history.

I am writing this in Thailand which never had any Amok-shooting, even no wars in the last 200 years.

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and instead of the USA perverted Animal planet TV films about “Monsters of the animal planet” the Thai people show that Tigers are as sweet as you treat them like for us at the  seminar last week : 300w" sizes="(max-width: 732px) 100vw, 732px" /> 300w" sizes="(max-width: 943px) 100vw, 943px" />

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Noy – our Thailand representative


you are been fooled by the media to think this is the only reality on our planet – far from it – if you have courage move to Thailand – I got a “retirement VISA” which is easy (you just have to be at least 50) you can live a reality that the US media do not show you


So Buryl – you can keep on moaning about “how bad things have become” like most others or make the move and escape the USA virus (and yes you are made psychotic)

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