OUR 4 main system combinations – can be further customized


1. Bioresonance Biofeedback Rife System BBR 30 % discount – after the discount you own a Bioresonance system at the price of one quarter of a traditional Bioresonance system, AND different than any other you have real and measurable energy output, dual channel technology, magnetic and light applicator in addition  to the conventional electric ones PLUS a magnetic field generator (measurable) for remedy generation. PLUS PLUS a built in Heart Rate Variability HRV and a ECG measuring system

2. Our S1 system  provides also dual channel Rife, TENS, ZAPPER, Frequency therapy, you can run all frequencies as traditionally done as electric therapy or once you have the additional applicators you can treat with pulsed magnetic, light or Laser energy. Also we have developed besides the conventional stainless steel electrodes new conductive fabric electrodes that can be easily applied to wrists, head or other parts of the skin. With the S1 comes our complete CoRe version 6 software package called CIS as described under point 4

3. The S2 is out advanced system that contains all devices and the main applicators of our product spectrum at an unmatched price. You basically have 2 complete systems on one hand the Bio-LaesEr and on the other the Spirit-Navigator start started our line of products. The Bio-LaesEr can be run by an assistant or unattended once switch on for Bioresonance sessions in a relaxation room – and you will find with many other users , nothing is so meditative/ stress-reductive, healing and re-connective as a few half hour sessions with the Bio-LaesEr. Parallel you can use the Spirit-Navigator with the CoRe software for evaluation and therapy.

4. and last but not least our CoRe 6 software that comes with a database of over 100 thousand remedies, possibility for 3D anatomical display of more than 10 thousand individual body-parts and a system the guides you automatically to the one with the highest resonance and a 500 plus page manual – more details please see here http://energetic-medicine.com/modality/software/core-system-software-version-6/



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