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Hello Kiran,

First of all, happy new year and all this kind of things. Also, I would like to thank you for the feedback on the question to treat relatives without their consent, that I posted last November… it first was not too clear for me, but after a few weeks, I realised how deep and insightful was your suggestions (if you do not remember, this is Thierry, and it was specifically for my mother).

I took some time to gather my thoughts, and feel free to publish what you think is relevant:

Core Experience& the Informational Realm
First of all, having used the Core for now 7 months, I find it quite amazing and insightful… this is really a valuable toold to get beyong the words and symptoms in my homeopathic practice.
I have stuggled a bit to try to know how to use it best, which may say more about me than the system.
I have a 5-year degree in electrical engineer, and 15 years in the mobile telecommunications, so I am struggling a bit on the discussions about information and energy… I am planning to get a couple of books to help.
I however now realise that in this realm, the answer is not as straight forward as YES / NO, and can vary… I am trying now to define new screens to refine my informational needs…
Anyway, it is all good fun, and the learning experience is fun: when I have been puzzled by some of the answers, then something came up afterwards to make me understand what they meant, and reviewing old reports have actually been very useful to understang the insight…

So thanks a lot for giving this solution to the community, and I hope the community grows alongside the health of our patients!


Kiran’s comment :

Thank you Thierry…. its for most, including myself…. like going back to the time where we were all beginners and every day was full of miracles…  Children are in this constant DL  (dynamic labile) state, what we have to do when growing up is to add the EQUILIBRIUM part. The problem is only that we all have overdone it in this respect… all is about stability/ reliability/ security/ reproducibility/ protocols  in the mistaken hope that this will give us the happy and healthy life we all want. ….. Now here is my vision and mission that we all learn to understand the one-sidedness of this approach and that it is just as necessary to cultivate the labilizing (not even in the dictionary) aspects of our life like Coincidence-recognition/ Intuition/ CoRe-effects/ risc-taking/ unlearning and questioning things that have served to stabilize our intellectual life for too long.


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