Treating family and people without their consent…


Hello, my name is Thierry, and I am a new user of Core5.

When I got the Core5, I decided that I should only use it to treat patients, or friends who wanted help… however, my dear and lovely mother is very sick (manic-depression), and last night I felt that I had to try something… I had convinced her last year to see a homeopathic practitioner, and also take care of her, but there are always been a bit of a block… like not really taking her medicine. She is now on “conventional” Lithium, and I am quite concerned.

One month to break a rule could sound a bit early, but on the other hand, I also feel she would be happy (she tends to call me a lot).

Anyone had similar experience, or have worked out some concepts??? Any thoughts would be welcome.

FYI, my previous life was in engineering and mobile telecommunications, and pretty left brain (still)… even if helping people to get better is now my main focus in life (well, my wife may go first), I am still always trying to make sense through rules and analysis..

Having said that, I had the Core5 for about a month, and I am really amazed by its capabilities and accuracy… after a stage of “whaoo” and “how interesting”,  I am now hopefully leaving the confusing stage of trying to make sense of the amount of information…

Anyway, bless you all, and any sharing of experience welcome 🙂

Kiran’s reply :

Honestly I do not have a general answer to this DLE situation. Family is one of the best arenas to learn and practice one’s understanding of DLE and I often get the question “Can I treat my relative, children and friends?” and certainly there is one answer “Never treat or evaluate anyone who can be asked for permission without their permission” . However with children or adults who are in a state that does not allow questions it is impossible to give a general rule.

However consider the possibility that the situations you encounter is not always intended for us to react and try to change or help others but is first and foremost a message for us to learn  and to change. So maybe get a friend involved you evaluates you on the CoRe and your relationship to your mother and help to make the changes possible that this situation wants you to make…. and this way you will always help the people around you as well.


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