Treating Autism with CoRe

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Questions like this “How should I treat disease XYZ with  CoRe” or “Can CoRe do anything for XYZ”, I get so very often and I am surprised it comes from practitioners who consider themselves holistic practitioners. The first quality of holistic thinking to me is to not look at the disease to treat but at the client and then it will be clear very quickly that why one client has a disease XYZ is as individual  as himself and accordingly the therapy has to be as different as there are different clients.

CoRe is the tool to find the client-specific remedy and we have to understand that it is very  secondary which groups we select for evaluation as clients are not treated with the actual results of evaluations but with the universal pattern that represents them internally. The displayed names whether it be a homeopathic remedy, an affirmation, an organ, an emotional issue is only an approximation of the pattern that is internally matched against the results of the Hologram generator.

Therefore please have more trust in yourself and in the work of CoRe that you do not continue to ask an authority for advice or approval. Make an evaluation in a group of your choice, select the top 2 items and set them up for communication – use these 2 issues for EMDR as well and if possible follow this with Biofeedback energy therapy.

For me an optimal session consists of 10 min evaluations (without discussion of results with the client) 20 min EMDR and 20 min energetic feedback therapy with either sound, electric, magnetic or light applicators. This is the protocol that I recommend for all possible issues and best of all it I know it works and has good results for a very high percentage.

Having said this certainly the more you get experience in working with CoRe you individualize your approach also additionally for the different diseases, but remember this is secondary and in most cases not necessary  to get good results. To satisfy the need of so many customers for protocols/ formulas/ general advice CoRe 6 will include also a very sophisticated new function that I call “RELATIONAL PROTOCOLS” which has preset groups for evaluation and communication for over 2000 diseases PLUS and this is what I consider even more important for the finding the PURPOSE of therapy and disease in each individual case. 256w" sizes="(max-width: 449px) 100vw, 449px" />

... you simply select the indication and click Execute

So for example in the case of Autism it will select the groups I would choose most often in the case of Autism, run the evaluations and generate the report and set up a communication schedule for the next 10 days….. all with the click of one button

PLUS here for example it would advice you  to alternate electric, magnetic or light applicator frequently from right side to left side of the body to assist the DLE between the left and right side of the brain that is disturbed in all cases of Autism I have seen and that has been so successful  with so many that I will start a formal clinic study with this protocol very soon for autism.


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