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Too many “new” scientists try to live in a world shaped by orthodox thinking and mentalities. As an example, there is the famous statement “Mind over Matter”, which was already outdated, the moment that it was used for the first time. “Mind over Matter” still shows the lack of understanding of what could be called “The magic game”. The objective reality is “Mind as Matter”, and nothing else… As soon we start talking about Matter, we slip very easily in Einstein’s old saw,E=mc^2, which blocks the road for any further development.

Matter is nothing else than diluted consciousness, or in other words, a state of information (as Robert Oppenheimer already proclaimed more than half a century ago…)

We are all conditioned to only pay attention to that what we want to pay attention at… and… to delete as much possible information, so that we become more easily a “chicken” that follows the others.

Do you know one of the great values of a good DLE? Well, it honours the statement that you only start to learn something when you are confused…

With TIF, we access another part of the spectrum of consciousness, and leading too much improved abilities of radionic practitioners especially using the CoRe system.

A TIF training takes only one weekend, and changes dramatically your perception of yourself and your environment. It changes the way you approach issues and situations, and makes from you a better CoRe user, because you access another part of the spectrum of consciousness.

Willy De Maeyer

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Kiran’s Comment:

I am so happy that my  path on the Space-of-Variations has crossed with that of Willy and Gabriele as I know that Physics and science in general has lost its transformational power since its inception about 500 years ago. Then it was about transcending another system of informational concepts, that of religion. It brought a new life to a stagnating, crystallized informational world of that time.

Today as then this “established science and medicine” has stopped to promote inner growth for that reason it is in the process to be replaced. On one hand some think the way out of this dilemma is to go back to the “wisdom” of the aboriginals, some to go into an even more orthodox form of religion.

I know that the new informational culture will be built on an understanding that the missing link is Information and that it is not just a subjective creation of individual minds or an insignificant add-on of energy but that it exists in itself and follows laws that are as objective as that of energy and matter and that it is the deeper reason of existence and movement of things.

It  is exactly Information that connects the physical world of energy and matter to that of  the spiritual world of consciousness. The 21th century will see many more technologies and modalities to surface that are the tool to make this connection possible via the informational matrix. We will see that the extend to which an  event is connected to the informational level the “observer effect” becomes more pronounced that means that things and people effect each other even if  there is no direct or indirect physical connection in time and space.

This is an exciting time and we will see that the degree of connection to the informational matrix is synonym with the degree of  “aliveness” …. the days of the scientist who can sit isolated in his study are over … the future belongs to the researchers that bring DLE , adventure, excitement, the unexpected, openess to change into their life.

The Transformational Informative  Physics course that Willy and Gabriele are teaching is part of a Masters course on Energetic and Informative Technology we teach (19 months) , for more information please contact :

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