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Here is a funny movie about THE SECRET that contains an interview with a “successful practitioner” and some more profound thoughts about :

“Wanting/ expecting what you desire will attract the opposite that what you do not want – suffering Fearing what you do not want, will also attract the opposite as well – more of what you try to avoid” — THE SECRET is the best selling re-print of the old US american mistake “

Christina asked the following :

Could you please explain to me why ?

Thank you very much!

Dear Christina

Fear, and that we all know, attracts more of what you try to avoid – loss of money, relationship, parking tickets, negativity from people around you – and in this way we have a lot to do with what we attract in our lives…..

But the SECRET makes the mistake to believe that “If your thinking can attract the negative things you can attract also what you want – by certain forms of desire”
Buddha has always been teaching that desire is not the way to get anything – but just look around – people desire riches, happiness, health, love with all their heart, day and night and still do not get it and the more they are attached to a specific desire the less they will get it.

And it is not because they think they do not deserve it – that they do not get it nor because they do not have the SECRET techniques of the SECRET but because you cannot create your life with “wishful thinking”.  However this is our old childhood dream and therefore it will always remain the best-seller of all times.
The same stuff has been preached in all churches for all centuries – ASK AND IT WILL BE GIVEN – and then of course often it was not coming and the answer was always either “It will come but in gods time” or “You did not pray enough” – and THE SECRET is just a reprint of this oldest of all misunderstandings.

In fact there are 2 kinds of BELIEVE the first one is “passive believe” you just assume what everyone around you assumes – this is the most common believe, it is based on imitation.

Then the other and much more rare form is “Active believe” you have to know how to connect energy with what you think, want, desire – which is basically to turn  information into reality – this is much more hard work then THE SECRET teaches – its not enough to put the BMW that you want on a dozen collages that you hang all around you – but they do not have to offer much more than that.

In one word “To realize your potential (which is not necessarily what you dream about) you have to learn and practice how to live Interference and not continually attempting to run away from it – this creates the voltage the tension that makes energy flow.

The CoRe system is an infant technology that connects  information/ goal/ direction/ purpose with energy and that way actually transforms information into energy and in this way turns it into visible reality – and even more importantly turns energy into information and creates the potential that your life is made for.


Hello Kiran:

Thank you for your answer! Yes, what you wrote makes complete sense to me., but what about when fears doesn´t allow you “active believing” (connecting energy with what you think, want and desire)? You apply something you wrote in another post: “If god wants it is fine to me if the house is washed down”? Or this relates only to excess of potential?



Kiran’s reply :

Dear Christina

you bring up an important concept “Excess potential”. This is why I need and ask for questions, comments and posts because this is the Interference that allows everyone to make more connections.

“Excess potential” is an informational concept that is coined by Vadim in his books “reality transurfing” –

It puts a basic law of physics into a larger context. This law says that energy differences are always attempted to be neutralized by nature (increase of Entropy) or in other words that mountains do not stand forever but that all forces around them try to reduce them to the common level.

This is not only  true for mountains or other energy differences but also a common phenomenon in our emotional and informational life – Ideas and people that stand out above the crowed are always under attack by the forces that want to reduce them to the common level – and without the help of “higher forces” this will always be the case in the long run (Socrates, Lincoln, John Lennon…… )

The same law acts on the mountains of our desires, aspirations, goals aso that tower above our average concerns – all around including ourselves tries to reduce them and in most casses will succeed.

This is the scenario of the people who say that nature will die eventually an entropy death when everything is on the same energy level.

However they do not take two forces into consideration that are just as important :

1. The existence of divine forces that keep certain mountains standing despite all physical, energetic and informational forces that attempt the opposite.

2. There is the law of gravitation that actually increases gravitational potential of individual points in space and in this way decreases entropy.

3. As a result of the second process – valleys always will become deeper over time – and this is the reason that once a river starts to run in a certain way the possibility that it can change its course decreases over time as it hollows out its own path.

We see the analog of this process also all around us in the informational, cultural and emotional field – once certain habits, believe, ways of doing things have started they will usually turn into laws, rules, doctrines over time. I will call this the VALLEY-EFFECT

So in short low energy potential gets lower and higher potential tends to be reduced to the average.

As a consequence – high ideals, goals, new year aims, desires are reduced to the common level of intend over time – this is why the THE SECRET is not working and certainly there is no shortage of high goals and desires that never have been realized despite the best and purest intent – and not just because people did not do it right or did not believe to deserve it (the promoters of  THE SECRET – Baerbel Mohr in Germany died last year very young)

AND as a second consequence our Fears which are the valleys of out informational landscape are tending to be hollowed out even deeper because the water of our inner world, our experiences, the way our landscape channnels them flows in these valleys and makes them even deeper.

If you want to attract more depression, aggression, fear, drama, devastation, fighting, accidents and worse in your life listen to THE NEWS regularly – this part of the LAW OF ATTRACTION is working

So in short the LAW OF ATTRACTION is correct for all the lower energy manifestations in our world including our inner world but not for the higher aspirations of  change, growth and transformation.

TO know how to increase and maintain the mountains of your inner world you need real spiritual teachers and a real spiritual form not a bunch of new age prophets who only know how to turn an old mistake into  a new bestseller.

next time more about

the question that is as old as humanity : “How to practice an active believe and not to create excess potential at the same time”


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