The science of morphological healing



On this site it is the aim to show that  a science of “spiritual” effects is possible that will just as in any other science make the use of these phenomena more reproducible and that can explain why and when failure to produce results are likely.

Comparative study of healing methods shows that in healing it is not only surgery, drug or energy effects that determine the outcome of a an attempt to cure but also something else that mostly was left without further investigation and considered too subjective/ spooky/ subtle/ psychological and not accessible for systematic study.

However this spooky aspect that we call Information – runs our life and is also the reason for illnesses like :





Anxiety and depression

ADHD and Autims

I will show that is very well possible to discover the laws of this spooky element that I will call by different names like “informational or software”. What has made this study very unsystematic was the fact that it was considered very much connected to religion or too personal and therefore contrary and not open to science.

Informational Science concepts that will be discussed here are :

Dynamic Labile Equilibrium


Centre of Gravity

Reset & Stagnation

Operating System – Essence – Interface

Soul versus Information

the 4 levels : Matter – Energy – Information – SELF

Belief – Placebo

Polarity – Trinity -Quadtrinity


Uncertainty – Interference




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