The science of Informational Medicine – An overview


In the following I want to give a concise as possible overview of what I consider “Science of Informational Medicine” IM, its fundamental concepts, methods, technologies as well as its similarities and differences from established sciences and idea.

IM is based on the understanding that physical, physiological, emotional, mental processes are regulated by informational processes similar as computers control the working of whole factories.

It is important to understand that we are not just investigating psychological effects but what is deeper, in fact the ruling mechanism of emotions and mind just as much as physical mechanism.

This Informational level can be best be compared with software, but not just a software that is localized in a specific computer comparable with the internet.

This software has been described e.g. in form of the Akashik records, as a plan that has been laid down from the beginning of time. However this is not a complete description of the phenomenon as the Informational Matrix IM  is in constant interaction with matter, energy and consciousness and thus evolving and changing, not something that you can write down on palm leaves and then trust it will be valid for all times.

More recently Ruppert Sheldrake popularized the concept of a Morphogenetic field which lines out how behavior is controlled by this field but also how reversely behavior of large groups of people can modify this field. The IM concept goes further in that it also explains and demonstrates how the working of non-animate physical processes modify the IM.

Psychology has long hold the concept of  the “Collective unconscious” that influences whole civilizations,  but also here it is considered a phenomenon that can only affect or be affected by living beings and is it is generally assumed with this concept that this collective consciousness cannot modify physical but only psychological phenomena.

IM modalities are using substances or energies, as the carrier and fuel but rely primarily on information in all its forms, words, symbols, sounds, pictures, fragrances, rituals, colors, music… for giving the direction of desired change.

Some of these IM modalities are for example Reiki, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Healing Prayer, Radionics, EFT, Color-therapy, Acupuncture, Electro-acupuncture, Shamanic rituals, astro medicine …

Maybe the most elaborate of all IM modalities ever developed is Homeopathy and therefore it can teach us many of the peculiarities of the working of IM.

  1. IM can work instantaneously and without physical contact and independent of quantity
  2. IM is always very client specific and less disease specific – this is the reason why it cannot be proven by Double-blind studies where every patient with the same symptoms gets the same treatment
  3. IM follows the law that “less is more effective” and finding one fitting word, symbol, sound, ….is like finding a key to the solution, even a small change can make it completely effective or unusable. Repetition often decreases the result rather than increasing it.
  4. IM provides the guiding impulses, like a software, but it usually needs appropriate energies and substances to achieve the desired results.
  5. IM can only be proven by statistical means
  6. IM is a manifestation of spiritual laws and forces but it is not equal to the divine, but is a tool of the divine just as energy and matter.

There are many diseases that are primarily informational in nature and thus do not have a cure in the realms of biochemical or energetic medicine like :

  1. Autism and ADHD –
  2. Allergy and Addiction –
  3. Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson –
  4. Lyme, Lupus, Autism, AIDS –
  5. Bi-Polar, Schizophrenia, Mood swings –


There are many concepts that are specific to the science of IM :

  1. Dynamic Labile Equilibrium versus Inertia – the ideal state of IM, never achievable in perfection for very long, it is the openness to move freely between the polarities
  2. Hologram versus freedom of choice – the IM is organized that every smaller Holon contains the same organization as the larger Holon, this is also called fractal nature and Matrix, Quadtrinity – the totality of all Holograms
  3. EGO versus “not knowing” – the totality of Believes of a person
  4. RESET versus “stagnation”– is a key healing method, that comes in many forms, but always resets informational processes to a previous more simple status    Healing Crisis – a form of RESET
  5. Challenge versus “Enemy”– recognizing and using the energy of opposition
  6. Law of Attraction versus Karma – wanting always more of the same thing will create its opposite
  7. Eigen-Resonance versus “stimulus response” – the principle and methods to reconnect oneself to one’s Self energetically and informationally



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