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Dear Kiran,

In conventional Radionic thought, the role of the “operator’ is crucial, as it is believed that the operator functions, at least to some degree as an “antenna”, to receive the Radionic signal. This would seem to indicate that the mental or emotional or other bodily state of the “operator” would affect the outcome of diagnosis and “balancing”.

In addition some Radionic practitioners state that because of the direct involvement of the “operator”, a common and often undesirable effect of Radionic practice is the phenomenon of “Karma Sharing”, wherein the Operator may become sick as a result of working on the subtle level with a likewise sick person.

Now, as I observe the CoRe System, it appears that you have replaced the “Operator”, with a random number generator. Is this correct? And so the “operator” in the case of the CoRe does not play the same part as in traditional Radionics. So, the karma sharing is not as likely to occur. If this is the case, is it then also the case that the CoRe System does not need an “operator” directly involved for purposes of Analyses, Communication and Balancing?

Marshall Hornstein

Kiran’s comment :

In my world view it is impossible to have a machine that is operator-independent. As we know, at least the right brain knows, that all is connected. But what you can do when you want to not be negatively affected by the loud music your neighbor is playing or the news that comes from all the media is to make a decision for example “Not to listen to it” or “Not to become infected by it” or some other information that makes you more immune. In spiritual circles that was always done by repeating mantra or Zikr. This in fact is not spiritual practice but an informational method to make certain things more likely possible or impossible.

The Tibetan people had their prayer flags or prayer mills that were only there to transform moving energy into information. …. we do this also in the CoRe system to create an informational environment that protects the practitioner from the sick information of most patients and that also shields the patient from the subjective influence of the practitioner…. but again this, in an holistic universe, this is only possible to a certain degree.

For this reason I am aware the intentions and believes of the practitioner as well as the client always will have an affect on the outcome of the evaluation and therapy. but not in what we are usually told that believe makes it possible ….. NO believe is a monorail blockage that makes informational intervention  more difficult and if the Believe is even Negative or Rejecting it makes it impossible….. that is the freedom that we were given, to say NO. 238w" sizes="(max-width: 315px) 100vw, 315px" />


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  1. When I started in Radionics, dowsing with a pendulum over a “witness” to choose the appropriate remedy, I was aware the subject (usually one of our sheep) changed in his/her attitude towards me – in that they were more interested and receptive towards me.
    When I started using the CoRe, I thought that connection was, to a degree, lost.  However, recently I had a ewe with a form of dermatitis on whom I did an “evaluation”.  The following morning, I called amongst the flock “Where is 938?”  She was standing less than 3 inches in front of me – the connection was still being made.

    • In reply to further query from Marshall about “karmic sharing”
      This an interesting subject.  One of the reasons I mostly treat animals is concern of the connections that may form between client and practitioner.  I don’t know about “karmic sharing” but perhaps people who are attracted to radionics are more sensitive/open to pick up connections/resonances with others.
      Only yesterday, one of the mostly highly regarded dowsers and radionics practitioners in Australia commented on the devastating short term results of a random catching the eye of someone in a shopping centre – he felt too incapacitated to drive home.
      Some of the major contributors to radionics in Britain have been relatively short lived – Malcolm Rae and David Tansley – so one does wonder.
      I think it is probably beneficial to use some kind of “ritual” or protocol to protect oneself and the environment in which you work.

      Kiran’s Comment :

      If these dowsers and radionics practitioners are already affected devastatingly by shortly catching somebodies eyes….. sorry for them they dont know the basics of informational science… which is how to create an maintain informational immunity…. CoRe does this in the background and protects this way the practitoners