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In previous posts I mentioned already that working with CoRe transforms body, mind, and spirit, and ultimately leads to an entirely new relationship with the universe wherein the experience of DLE, ego identity, and the distinction between self and not-self, inner and outer, are completely transcended, resulting in the self-realization of being that one thing which is the entire universe, creation of God.

We are educated, and live in societies where only material values are encouraged, whereas spiritual values are not. Profane society teaches us that money and material things are the ultimate source of happiness and well-being.

As human individuals, we experience ourselves as egos, separated from the universe. We are full of ourselves and give ourselves far too much importance. We see external reality as something alien, at times even hostile to ourselves. Our self-awareness is extremely limited and distorted by our dualistic relationship with the universe. Egotism, selfishness, greed, jealousy, loneliness- all things of this nature- are all direct results of our limited awareness of ourselves as something other than and separate from external reality. This state of mind causes much suffering.

Our understanding of our self-interests is, of course, completely dependent upon our experience of whom and what we are. In turn, our actions are motivated by our self-interests. Thus, as profane individuals, not only our perception of self is completely distorted, but our actions are based on a completely mistaken understanding of our self-interests as well. We blindly entangle ourselves more and more in the webs of a self-created and self-perpetuating delusion. In short…we live a lie.

And yet the universe whispers truth to us constantly. She reminds us, calls us, and allures us, seducing us to see the truth beyond appearances. Each of us has two eyes, two ears, two kidneys, two feet, two hands, and so on, but each and every one of these dualities are all part and parcel of the same, unique body.

This Christmas is may be a new opportunity to see where we go, and to listen to what the universe expects from us…

CoRe is the ultimate tool that we all need to slowly untangle ourselves and environment from our self-spun and self-perpetuating webs of delusion. As our self-awareness changes, so must the techniques that we use to progress spiritually.

By working with the CoRe, our consciousness transforms as we move away from the paradigm of duality, from the outer disciplines to the inner ones- until ultimately the distinction between inner and outer, self and not-self, no longer exists in our self-awareness. Only the consciousness of universal unity remains.

Let the CoRe user beware, however, for our egos are crafty and subtle, preferring to remain ensnared in duality. There are a thousand ways for our egos to usurp our spiritual quest and corrupt it into just another ego trip. All of these things are nothing more than golden, shiny traps to drag us back into the webs duality and illusion.

For the ones who still are in doubt: God is one he is not among us or our mother or father… we are it …. this is the oldest dilemma that we see got among us, outside us, above us….. So that there is no need to become member of one or another occult community in order to enjoy the contents of the information fields and the greatness of the universe.

God/TAO/SELF/The  Home office (as Michael Lincoln calls it) is outside duality and multiplicity and that it exactly the basic difference between information and Spirituality.

Willy De Maeyer


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