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Twenty-five years ago I came across “Goethe’s color Theory” when studying physics and was so fascinated, that I  put my formal studies secondary and studied the science of electromagnetic radiation and light in particular. From this came several patents as for example the first “Real time ellipsometer” to determine the ellipticity of light as well as the foundation of the company “Instrument Systems” in Munich that is today a world leader in light measurement technology. 300w" sizes="(max-width: 932px) 100vw, 932px" />

Search for Identity - The dynamic Interplay of polarities DLE

“Goethe’s color theory” that many misinformed know-it-all-scientist consider a pitiful mistake of the “otherwise brilliant” Goethe opened so many new insights for me that were and still are “orthogonal” to what I was taught in university.

Goethe himself considered his “Color theory” and the book that he wrote about it, as his main contribution to the world and his poetic works merely an expression of all the inspiration he got from his experiments on theory.

Goethe’s lifelong fascination and work on the “theory of colors” started when he experimented with a glass prism and realized that when he looked at dark objects in front of a bright background he got to see a spectrum that was very different then what Newton described who was/is considered the founder of the “spectral concept of light”.

Newton made his experiments in a dark chamber and looked with his prism at a small hole in the wall and saw what today has become the dogma of science that is founded – the principle of “spectral nature of energy”. 300w" sizes="(max-width: 749px) 100vw, 749px" />

Goethe however happened to look at a black spot in front of a bright background in bright daylight and what he saw and what you can see today with a simple prism was a spectrum of colors that had purple in the center rather than the usual green 300w" sizes="(max-width: 734px) 100vw, 734px" />

This simple experiment, his whole book of hundreds of related experiments and conclusions that Goethe made in this context, has been completely removed from our cultural understanding of color and energy in general. Most physicists today would have no clue how to explain it, because the spectral nature of “white light” is a dogma and foundation of all what we are taught to believe today.

The conclusion that Goethe made, was that white light “DOES NOT CONTAIN” all the colors of the spectrum but that colors are produced by an overlap, by a merging of darkness and light. If the light is moved over the darkness, with the help of a prism for example, you get the conventional (Newtonian) spectrum with green in the middle.

When you move darkness over light you get Goethe’s spectrum which has purple at its center. Goethe understood that color is the product of an “interference” (a marriage) of darkness and light and not that white light is broken into its components, to produce what we see as colors.

The conclusion that Goethe formed was that colors are not “contained” in white light but that they are a phenomenon that is the result of the interplay of light and darkness (or “Truebe” as he called it)

Light alone did not exist for him, it is an “impossible absolute” and IDEAL that he never was able to even make Schiller understand because Schiller, just a most scientist today, was searching for “Das Ding in sich selbst” (the thing in itself) that has also troubled and kept Kant, Hegel and Schopenhauer busy thinking–Buch/StudPhilo/Schopenhauer.html.

In fact it is very simple : THE THING IN ITSELF does not exist as an IDEA or Matrix-element but Things, events, energies or any object of physical reality are the result of the marriage of 2 informational matrix elements. Once it has materialized it caries both polarities that created it (Goethe put this in the words “Ware das Auge nicht sonnenhaft wuerde es die Sonne nicht schauen” – If the eye would not have an aspect of the sun – it could not see the sun)

This explains 100 years of confusion about the question if “Light is a particle or a wave”. The darkness aspect of light is a wave-field, a non-local phenomenon, whereas the light-part of light contributes the particle aspects. What aspect we are seeing of the light or any other object depends on the context as all physical reality has duality, because it is always the product of 2 matrix elements.

Just as you cannot say if sperm is male or female. Of course once it is merging with a particular ovum it seems as if the gender is set – but even that also only if we consider gender only a biochemical or physical issue.

This mis-conception has fundamental influence on how we see life and a possible future. In new age and in most personal lives there is the undercover hope, fixed believe that eventually we will reach a state where darkness is removed from our lives and light and colors is all that remains.

Goethe however and in my concept of the Dynamic Labile Equilibrium show that it is informational polarities that give birth to anything that we experience in this world.

All spiritual traditions have this concept of polarity as their prime symbol

The Christian cross / The Star of David / The Hindu Swastika/ Yin/Yang

New age however has made the RAINBOW as their prime symbol not realizing that the rainbow despite its beauty is only an effect of the “light seen before darkness” rather than the more fundamental and universal concept of polarity. This one-sided conception has left its imprint on the basic new-age over-focus on light (and it representation as smile, lightness, take it easy, don’t worry be happy) and its constant drive to push expressions of darkness out of their awareness whereas for example the gothic cathedrals for example are still full of expressions of these dark forces. 300w" sizes="(max-width: 839px) 100vw, 839px" />

Gothic Gargoyl and Bali Dragon

“INFORMATION is  POLARITY” this is the central discovery and understanding of Information, which has enormous consequences for how we see the world and how we live our lives.

The UR-phenomenon as Goethe called it is not “The spectral nature of energy or light” not a whatever formed vaccum-space, be it “inverse hyperbolic logarithmic”, curved or whatever. Not some sacred numbers or proportions, not certain sacred geometric forms or superstrings.

The UR-phenomenon that describes the origin or cause and development of everything is INFORMATIONAL POLARITY. The smallest unit of the informational matrix is the proportion of 2 polarities and NOT A NUMBER. (Goethe put this in the following words : “The proportion is everything the number is nothing”). In short one can say Information=polarity and as we know that every form of potential energy in fact is based on one or another form of polarity we can also follow potential energy = information.

The whole concept of DLE that I have started to elaborate in dozens of posts and examples here :

It is this concept that declares that the merging of 2  polarities is the basis of all physical or energetic phenomenon. In other words : “To the degree that we remove or disable one or several polarities, by the negation of one pole, maybe because we consider them uncomfortable, dangerous or dark we have started a disease process.

Radionic and other methods that produce non-local effects work do that not with energies, photons or other physical entities but with the informational matrix elements.

It is of course nonsense to pretend that radionic processes would work better if they are electromagnetically shielded as  its non-local and non-time effects proof that it is not an electromagnetic phenomenon itself.

Also it is just a continuation of the original mistake to think that radionic effects are an effect of electromagnetic radio waves and that they therefore could be measured in terms of numbers that we call frequencies.

If we understand radionic effects not as energy effects but as informational ones and we agree with the above that information= “proportions of polarities” and if we understand that 1 dimensional proportions are called “pattern” 2 dimensional proportions is what we call shapes and 3 dimensional proportions are “forms”, then we understand that radionic effects are created – not by frequencies – but by information-ally moving, merging and rearranging pattern, shapes and forms – this is what the CoRe system  is all about.


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  1. Wow!

    Es cierto, esta manera de comprender la realidad ha sido “sacada” de tajo de la educación científica occidental.

    Kiran, Donde queda aqui el espectador?

    Es el Espíritu?

    Si la dualidad es la mezcla matricial de la matiz no local de ondas y la matriz local-puntual epacio-energético-temporal.. una mera aparencia informativa, algo que toma forma mas no sustancia en si misma, es usn Ser AHI, Da Sein; pero no el Ser en si mismo, Sen:.

    Sería el sustrato info-geno-formacional el “lugar” donde se da el origen de el espectador?

    O este es solo otro estrato dependiente del plano del Espíritu?

    Si es así, sie en el plano espiritual se enciuantran o encuentra el espectador y de este mismo plano espiritual deviene el informacional (Tal vez memórico? No es acaso la información un porceso de MEMORIA?), mismo plano informacional que se nos manifiesta, o mas bien hoy por hoy hemos isdo educados para entender como dual ondulatorio-puntual (Ya Newtoniano o Goethiano):

    Que nos dice esto, que nos  indica acerca de angeles, tlatoanis, devas, dharyas, saraphims, querubims, Aluzhes y gnomos, etc. todos como espectadores de los fenómenos info-geno-formacionales y dual-oscilatorios?

    Donde queda La Voluntad  como el “acto” informacional-genoformacional que transforma el plano dual de la manifestación desde la reconfiguración del informativo?

    Quien la ejerce, a la voluntad?

    Si somos “los Espíritus”  los que ejercemos la “potencia de la voluntad”, la volición, como el motor de la información y de la manifestación en el plano puntual-energético-temporal-ondulatorio:

    Se puede establecer comunicación por medio del CoRe con las inteligencias-espiritus?

    Pueden ellas, en caso de que exista en el plano espiritual “individualidad”, pueden desde ese plano espiritual y ejerciendo la potencia volitiva, cambiar la información para un voluntad cualquiera?

    Kiran y todos, gracias por sus enormes esfuerzos.

    Kiran’ s comment :

    Thank you Jose for your valuation !
    Its much more simple then that – most of us is Body, Energy and Software – Whenever you say “I” and “me” it is not the observer its just the software.

    Most people will not like this concept as it does not flatter their vanity. CoRe can do some corrections in the software – it can not create the observer – this is Soul and not Spirit work.