The never ending voyage of gratitude


Dear Friends

The AIM training was such a good experience that we decided to make another one in June in Portugal for all the European users….

more details next week…..

Willy and Gabriele put this experience that we all shared in the words below…

Here are some pictures taken by Debora

Our life gives us only a feeling of being alive, if we have gratitude or the ability to live in the moment, combined with a sense of spirituality. Material objects are nice to have, but you get used to it, but happy memories we never get bored of!

One such memory (or should I say “sets of memories”) has been the visit to John of God, just after the AIM training in Brazil. We should not only be happy to have had this unique experience, providing us with challenges and personal meanings, but mainly express our gratitude to Kiran Schmidt and his wife Debora, for making this happen.

This gratitude towards Kiran should reflect our emotion of thankfulness for this journey (not just the destination) allowing each moment of this trip to John of God to be appreciated, and this with an attitude of openness and curiosity.

As opposed to religious practices which are mainly institutional rituals and ceremonies, spirituality is a deep anchoring in one’s belief system and self worth. Kiran has made it possible to all of us to enjoy this journey which will have changed the lives of all who participated.

The voyage isn’t really over yet: how to cultivate this sense of wonder in a world that lives on prime time and agenda, and where we are educated that happiness is mainly function of who you are, what you do and how other people see you…?

Thank you Kiran and Debora

Willy De Maeyer and Gabriele Breyer


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