The map is not the landscape


The map is not the landscape
In moments of present, actual danger, time “slows” down and the impressions are received at a much higher speed. The nervous system switches to a faster mode, to a much wider band of information. Even higher speeds are recorded in the near death experience, where ones whole life is presented in seconds.
The slow down of time can be experienced in a less dramatic way, if one master the art of meditation. If one can obtain such meditative state, and at the same time is able to watch the second hand of a clock, there are chances to be surprised by finding that the second hand has come to a stop! As soon the intellect discover what has happened, the second hand will accelerate into its normal pace again, unless one has long training in meditation.
Some years ago, in Crete I was attending a special seminar, during which I used to practice a lot with waves rolling a shore. The first times, that you can experience the “stop” of the wave, and spent some time in the timeless and space less “area”, so well described by Itzak Benthov (stalking the wild pendulum) radically changes your world. The other members of the group were also radionic practitioners, who wanted to increase their abilities of communicating and accessing the information fields. Very closely related to these experiences is time travel.
The only time travel machine I know so far, is the human mind. Shaman and mystic’s have through time demonstrated time traveling. Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce are known examples in our culture. The trick is to leave the body for a while. The technique might be diversified, the aim as well, but it is possible for an entity, that correlates and make sense of the information submitted to it by the brain, to be absent and far away.

A more secret aspect of out of the body performance, was conducted by both US and Soviet defence forces since the cold war under the name, “remote viewing of natural targets”. The most skilled remote viewers performed very high accuracy in the controlled tests. The interesting part in those tests was that they viewed the random moving target in advance of time. They saw the target an hour before it was there. In other words, they accessed and read the information fields.
Where does the observer goes in those split seconds of perpetual rest when the natural boundaries of space and time collapse?
Information is the working tool of consciousness. A shame most people are not aware of it. Or maybe somewhere deep inside a tinkling little voice says, I know! The intuitive gut feeling, knowing the harmony with the universe.
Therefore, the map is not the landscape. Working with the CoRe system expands your possibilities as such, that you don’t stay stuck in the map.

Kiran’s comment:

thank you Willy …. I am so happy you contribute now to the forum

This is a key topic to understand CoRe and also what how healing works on an informational level.

We all have heard of time and space travel in times of “near death experience” and I have even had the fate to experience for one eternity.

Instead of saying “impressions are received at a much higher speed”  better say time and space  do not exist/  are not a factor/ are no dimension.

However impossible  this is to imagine particularly with the left brain, even the left brain can understand that if there is no time and space….. it simply makes no sense to speak of “a higher speed” or ‘Before and after” or “leaving one’s body” as all is in the same point and moment.

The expression “time travel” is somewhat misleading as “if all is in the same point and moment” of course there is no need to travel….

one has only to get used to the possibility to be anywhere and at any

point in time just with the power of intention…… some people can do this at will more easily…. this is not a function of consciousness but of the

informational realm or as Vadim has named it the Space of Variations.

All creative people can do this at greater or lesser degree for example Shakespear who  was so creative to invent about 13 000 english words (besides all the

plays he invented) was very profoundly connected with the space of variations and he said:

“As nimble thought can jump both sea and land as quick as thought as I can be”

Or here is a video that my friend Nuno Nina alerted me about today (he is watching movies like this as he has his clients on a CoRe frequency program) and he

is attracted to things informational,  as that is sustaining this connection, and is the basis for  his success and the capability to see about 50 clients a day

Here the example of an artist who can see everything just in  a some sand on a light box, never ending, never repeating  which needs a very

well developed connection  between right and left brain….. that you will also develop in working with  the CoRe system.

“And different than what most of you may think ….THE COMPLETE MAP IS MUCH MORE THAN THE ACTUAL LANDSCAPE…..  as the complete map is the informational matrix/ the field of variations/ the morphological field/ the akashik record,  it contains all possible landcaps and all their possible connections and to travel here is much richer and instantaneously….. but we have the physical reality, the landscape, and the informational one, the map, to make all these DLE situations possible …. like for example to miss the bus”


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