The Magic of John of GOD

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Since Kiran and Debora had brought us to John of God in April 2010, we started dreaming of organizing a trip on our own with people we knew.

Very soon we had a group of 16 people, and we started implementing the travel plans. We would leave on the 22nd of October and be back on the 5 th of November 2010. Already end of Mai everything was booked and confirmed. We just had to wait and see time go by…..

I include here a testimony of one of our participants, Mrs Zohra Feyen, and I thank her for this contribution.

Travel Report of our Trip to John of God

By Zohra Feyen

On Friday the 22nd of October 2010 we took off from Brussels Airport with a group of 12 other people to Madrid with IBERIA Airlines. In Madrid, Linda Heagerty (a British CoRe-user), who came from London joined our group. Around mid-day our flight left for Sao Paulo, where Richard Perrin (a future CoRe-user) would join us. Richard lives in the French Alps near Grenoble and flew in via Rome with ALITALIA.

Upon arrival in Sao Paulo, the hotel bus that was supposed to pick us up, didn’t show up, so we had to take taxis to the Panambi hotel where we stayed for the night. The whole group enjoyed a shower and a good night’s sleep! Next morning we had to leave the hotel at 06.00 am to catch our flight for Brasilia.

After a calm flight we arrived at Brasilia, where our bus was waiting to pick us up and bring us to Bob’s Pousada in Pirenopolis. Everybody in the group enjoyed this beautiful place, where Willy and Gabriele had been introduced by Kiran and Debora in April 2010. All of us enjoyed the beautiful rooms and of course the company of Rosa !

We stayed 3 days at Bob’s paradise in order to cope with the jet lag and to prepare ourselves for our trip to Abadiania where we would meet John of God. Everybody enjoyed the stay and loved our trip to the waterfalls in the Mountains of Pirenopolis.

On Tuesday the 26th of October we left by bus for Abadiania to John of God. A trip that everybody longed for… from now on, I can only write about my own experience (Zohra) and of my husband Frank.

When arriving at the hotel San Rafael (right next to John of God’s Casa), I started feeling unwell. It was as if something grabbed my throat and many unexplainable and unknown emotions appeared. I almost cried, but luckily we could go to our rooms where I started feeling well again. Afterwards we went for a walk in the (empty) Abadiania main street, where we bought white clothes and beautiful crystals.

On Tuesday night there was a very interesting public meeting at the Casa de Dom Ignacio where Arthuro (one of the powerful mediums) explained us the rules at the Casa and who answered our questions.

Next day, Wednesday, was the big day! We would meet with the master himself. Gabriele and Willy had prepared us very well, so that the practical side was completely clear. They took care of us, and assisted us by the translators and the line to step in. They both had to go for revision, as their last visit had been in April.

We had to stand in the long row of “First time visitors” and one by one we came in front of this unbelievable man named John of God….

I was very nervous, and I wondered if I really belonged there!! There were so many people with extremely heavy physical problems, that I asked myself what I was doing there, just with my personal problems of how to treat my patients and animals better…..

Anyway, I stayed in line, and as soon as I stood in front of John of God, he took my hand, and it was as if I knew him already a long time… and as if I had known this hand already such a long time….

John of God said something to the translator, who told me to take twice a Cristal Bed ,and get me some herbs at the pharmacy of the casa. Frank (my husband) who was behind me in line, wanted to give his hand to John of God too, but John of God pushed his hand aside and the translator told him to go for spiritual operation in the afternoon.

A Cristal Bed is a bed with crystals and colors in accordance to the chakra’s. It was a beautiful experience! It felt as if several hands were acting on my head and my legs. When I opened my eyes (which I was not allowed to, but I was so curious) I saw nobody else but me! When I closed my eyes again, the feeling started again and I felt as if I was floating on an air cushion above my bed!

After 40 minutes I felt gorgeous and I walked out of the room as if I was 10 cm larger! In the meantime Frank had his operation and had to stay in his room for 24 hours. After his operation Frank had found his peace and was much calmer than before.

The rest of the day I felt Light and happy, and the next day I decided to return to John of God with another request. This time he didn’t take my hand but he advised me to take spiritual operation next day. I also placed that day a picture of one of my horses in the magic triangle.

My spiritual operation was a unique experience where I saw strange pictures combined with very special feelings. From that moment onwards I was free of pain… now it was my turn to stay 24 hours in my room. In the meantime Frank and Linda went to John of God with the request to receive permission to go to the water fall. This was granted and they had to go 5 times! Frank, who is not very sensitive to such things, was amazed of the high energetic field at the water fall!

On Saturday morning, the bus picked us up to bring us back to Brasilia from where we flew back to Sao Paulo. From there, 2 mini busses brought us to beautiful Illabella where we would stay some days to recover from the emotions and to find ourselves back. It was a long day, and some participants were having a hard time, after their spiritual operation. In the early evening we arrived at the beautiful place of John (not John of God!) where we could have a good time before flying back to Europe.

Unfortunately the magic was disturbed by 1 of the participants. This event had its influence for the rest of the stay and for almost everybody. Some tried to do as if nothing was wrong, and others tried to find back the peace and magic they had encountered in Abadiania. I just wanted to enjoy this beautiful place as well as the beautiful jungle trip with jeeps that Willy and Gabrielle had organized for us.

On Thursday the 4th November our magical trip ended and we started the long trip back. On the travel between Illabela and Sao Paulo we had a lunch stop at a small animal zoo, where I saw a friendly pony, and at once my “physical” problem started again! Gabriele gave me some homeopathic preparation and than it was over. Apparently the pony did remind me an emotion I was not aware of….

When we got home on Friday, “normal” life started again as if nothing had happened in Abadiania. The surprise was great when the girl who had taken care of my horses during my trip to Brazil, told me that t he horse for whom I had put the picture in the magic triangle, had been as “new born” from that day on! The girl didn’t know the purpose of my trip, and she didn’t know about John of God or the triangle!

My surprise even went bigger when I got stunning results during my First “cranio treatment” on a little girl. I saw things much clearer and felt how the girl’s body reacted! Afterwards I heard that the girl had already received lots of other treatments, but that nothing really had helped except for what I had done…

To me this trip has been very special, and still goes on deep in me! It is a pity for the hick up with one of the participants which has left traces; most of all it is a pity for Gabriele and Willy who have done everything to make this trip unforgettable and who learned us so many new things…that their dreams may become true!

Zohra Feyen

Thank you Zohra!

For all who would like to do this trip I should suggest that you approach this with the necessary spirituality, and that you leave the “Thomas Cook – all inclusive and no surprise” mentality at home. This could otherwise ruin the trip and the efforts. Still too many visitors have the Mc Donalds view: everything must be soft so that swallowing is no problem. The trip is heavy and long, and not that easy… some people would like to get on a plane, and after a short pampered flight, get off the plane right into John of God’s backyard, await his blessings (not too long of course) and then spend some days on the beach, waiting things to happen…welcome to the temple of laziness!!!

If you go to John of God you must follow the rules, and work on yourself, otherwise you better book a trip with a famous tour operator….

Willy De Maeyer


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