The Law of Attraction


This is partly my answer to Mark’s question :

“What minimal assumptions about
the nature of reality do we need to make in order for the observed result to
be possible in the Cause-and-effect” framework?”


in which he basically asks if there is any observation on “What are the basic components that make CoRe work”

He is hinting at some idea that it might be the “intention of the practitioner” and the idea from Adriana that “if intention does not work, it is the effect to self-sabotating”

This is of course the oldest of all attempts to explain the work of all “Psychic” or “para-psychic” phenomena and I think also the most mistaken…… this concept is just an extension of todays american paradigm “Do it yourself”

You all have heared of the biggest seller in American Self-Help history

“The Secret”

and it is so popular because it sells the oldest hope of humanity

“If you just believe and hope enough…. you can move mountains”

as the most hidden secret that is now only revealed…..

and of course they find a lot of buyers as it resonates …

However it is very mistaken….

if this would be the case we all would be millionaires or have happy relationships and great health because that is what we hope more than anything

as we dream about and we have hundreds of thoughts about this every day…….

they also have the answer on why it not always works…… of course because we are “self-sabotaging”

Holistic healers have always hold that if someone does not heal under their great healing guidance it must be that they are “blocked” that they “really do not want to heal”

so this is the way to make a religion….. if it works it is because of OUR superior knowledge and guidance and IF NOT it is because of  THE CLIENT…. his believe is not big enough…. or he is just not ready

NOW how does CoRe work ?

We will come back to this in many ways but here is the short answer :

1. It does not depend on your knowledge or intention

2. It finds the informational pattern that is your resonant link to consciousness

So to make it very clear I dont subscribe to this age old believe that informational  phenomena like Distant-healing, distant-communication, CoRe, Homeopathy depend on believe or intention ON-THE-CONTRARY

“Dreams do not come true the harder you try or the more posters you put together that visualize them but the more you make space for them”

I have a very simple argument that shows that it is not “intention” that makes informational healing possible.

Take for example Homeopathy… of course when you go to a Homeopathic practitioner to find your remedy, YOU as well as HIM have the best intention and hope that the remedy that he finds after painstraking repertorizing and anamnesis will be your perfect similimum …… BUT fact is that it usually does not work on the first attempt.

Only many consultations later he finds THE REMEDY that works but often this happens when both him and you almost have given up….. so your power of Expectation is not so strong anymore…. but in any case it does not work because of BELIEVE as certainly when you go to him first …. your BELIEVE-LEVEL is highest.

And interestingly Mark is looking for the “minimal assumptions” that explain CoRe in a cause-and-effect-mindset here it is “the divine, consciousness, the origin-of-all, the tao” is that creates meaningful results in a random output and that makes distant healing possible.

AND in fact this is the oldest of all teaching “NON-attachment” it is the real “MINIMUM ASSUMPTION” and DLE is the way to get there without getting stuck to any on “SOLVE IT ALL” solution

CoRe is the tool to find the information that creates …re-creates the DLE that you need to make the contact to Consciousness and to step-out-of-your-own-way

Taking yourself as “Too all powerful” as “The creator yourself” is the most effective way to “Self-sabotage”…. its the American illusion.


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  1. I will appreciate if you can explain a bit more your statement:
    “Dreams do not come true the harder you try or the more posters you put together that visualize them but the more you make space for them”.
    Thanks much. Juan