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The dimension of time together with the 3 Dimension of space built the reference grid of our understanding. In this coordinate system all of science operates and has built systems that are built on it, like mathematics and physics, to explain our world. Time and Space are the guidelines that define what are cause and what are effect.

These 4 dimensions, although only concepts of the mind have become incredibly useful for new discoveries as well as for dealing with every day issues as finding a place via a map or GPS.

Much less apparent they have also become a prison as long as you assume this it is complete. Thinking in the frame of 4 dimensions assumes that all objects and actions must be located somewhere in space and all reactions must be the result of some action earlier in time. We say we “understand” when we know how things interact with each other and why and how they move in space.

One side of Newton considered the world a clockwork and consequently science was so successful that many believed that at some point all could be explained and predicted.

I was like a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.

Isaac Newton

Today there are physicists that believe that some process in nature are “not predictable” on an individual basis – by their very nature (Intrinsic uncertainty), quantum processes for example, whereas others believe that we simpy do not know enough but once we find all the parameters that govern the event we will be able to also predict these processes concretely and not only statistically.

Einstein was all his life kind of in the middle between the two positions – as a scientist he was a follower of the later believe and said things like “God does not play dice” which meant to say that nothing is as “unpredictable” as dice. (Which anyway is not a very clever analogy because the falling of dice is predictable once you know all the parameters – it is not an “intrinsic uncertainty”) He believed that ultimately all will be comprehensible :

One may say the eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility.

Albert Einstein

While on the other hand as a “private” person he said for example :

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.

Albert Einstein

This post and many that will follow deals with the possibility to define a 5th dimension that can be coordinated with the other 4 and to demonstrate that to view the world in a 5 dimensional context will create a more complete and useful map of our experience.

In very short – the 5th dimension is synonymous and also quantifies the degree of the following qualities that I all consider synonymous : unconditional-ness, freedom-ness, non-mechanicalness, consciousness, Coincidental-ness, uncaused-ness, Singularity, Noisiness, Chaotic-ness, Randomness, Surprising-ness, Non-attachment-ness, playfull-ness, Unpredictable-ness, Magic-ness,  Present-ness, Being-ness….

Most of the synonyms above are not know in English as adverbs or adjectives, that is with a –ness or –ly ending, because in common understanding they are consider objects not a quality that has a direction, is relative nor that can be more or less.

I will show that if we understand all of the above as relative qualities with direction just like time or x,y,z coordinates but linear independent of all of them. You will realize a very new and useful measure to judge your actions, emotions, thoughts, style of life as well as many natural phenomena.

Here just one example : how often have you despaired because you thought it is a question of Present versus Not-Present, Conscious versus Un-conscious, Conditional versus Unconditional not imagining that all are just abstract poles of a spectral realm .

You will start to see a new dimension, where there was only a point or nothing before, you will see that not “To be or not to be is the question” but “How much you are at a given point in space-time & how unconditional”.

An “unconditional smile”  is the first step into the 5th dimension – “unconditional Love” is the direction.





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