The EGO – Latest CoRe 6 built for download – seeing the higher harmonics with Bioresoance LaesEr



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  1. We made another stunning discovery with the Bioresoance LaesEr
  2. What is the Ego and how is it created?
  3. What diseases are Ego related and what is an Ego collapse?
  4. Ego collapse as a Reset process
  5. How have spiritual traditions attempted to level the Ego?
  6. How is an Even Ego experienced?
  7. We have a new update that is enabled for Windows 8 and also removes the problems with importing the new background images


Greetings from Brazil

Kiran Schmidt


Here is a good video on the battle of the Ego’s  – nobody is at fault – everyone is just locked in their own prison  and when you wan to have some very practical and enjoyable Reset and you do not have a LaesEr yet see one of these videos  or when you are Brazilian you certainly want the hardcore fun



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