The Brain and visions of God – The Persinger ‘God Helmet’

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Neurotheology as presented here by Todd Murphy believes that God-experience is the result of brain activity and thus can be re-created with electric brain stimulation and thus replace hard spiritual work.

Todd does not consider that “Out of body” or God experiences are not a sign of health – although he understands that it is the result of a disconnection between the hemispheres. He does not know other possibility of increasing the connection between right and left brain with methods that have always been part of authentic spiritual work – that was not interested in out-of-body exeriences but in an integrated expereince of your SELF

and see the other part of this video on about Out-of-body expereince

see the whole video : God and the Brain – The Persinger ‘God Helmet’, The Brain, and visions of God at


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