Testimonial CoRe results for Lupus from the Inergetix Seminar 2010 in Melbourne


Dear Friends

In the next few post I will also add testimonials from the Melbourne seminar like this one as Katherine my organizer and friend in Australia had filled half of the seminar with patients that had come to her and got often miraculous healing results. Thank you Katherine that you inspire so many with your work. Having said this I want to emphasis here as in the video that we do not promote the CoRe to be used or be bought mainly for self-treatment, we recommend our practitioners http://www.energy-medicine.info/practitioner.html for that. Also as you know from our vision and mission statement http://www.energy-medicine.info/vision-mission.html CoRe is sold as spiritual healing tool and that every positive effect on physical issues can only be considered coincidental and to get this mission statement across   we thankfully acknowledge the (however unintended) support  and  agreement of the majority of the contemporary scientific world as well as the skeptics community….. thank you for helping our cause


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