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Dear All

I am very glad to announce another major building block of the CoRe system.

One of the oldest and most complex systems of  healing is certainly the Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM.  Today I want to introduce the new result panels that can be generated with the “CoRe virtual EDS TCM module” and that will be available as an optional addition to version 6.

I divide the announcement of  this extended material into 3 posts:  – today I will demonstrate and discuss  the  new  TCM evaluation possibilities :

We are collaborating with Miridia Technology to  bring you virtual Electro-dermal Screening :

My development of CoRe actually started with using several EDS systems (in Germany they are called EAV Electo-Accupuncture according to Dr.Voll) . After my initial believe in the physical nature of  EDS had worn down by experimenting I understood that it was not an “objective” measurement of a dermal resistance as all manufacturer hold to be the case but that it was in the first place the SPEED-OF-APPLICATION of the Electrode by the Therapist that determines the reading. My work in this direction went so far that I could on command produce any reading that I choose to.

The effect of the speed with which you apply the probe has of course been observed also by all manufacturers and they invented numerous ways to exclude its influence for example by spring loaded tips or cotton ball tips…. but  only with limited success. In fact from my point of view, exactly the opposite is the result, to the degree you exclude the operator influence you reduce the whole system to a device that registers meaningless skin conductivity that you could do as well with a 10 Dollar Ohm meter from your hardware shop.

{When I put this finding on my website calling it a RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR I got immediately a warning by the manufacturer, Vega from Germany…. almost as aggressive a “holistic” company as Ondamed which succeed to shut down our website twice until we now moved it to Singapore.}

Of course my understanding of “random” processes has much advanced since then, I value random processes are the result of DLE. If the therapist that uses an EDS probe is in a DLE state that means unprejudiced and open for new understanding, this is the requirement for him to work as an antenna of the informational matrix. This state of DLE is not just a decision that you can make with your mind… far from that…. it is the secret or better the unrecognized, un-researched and undeveloped way to open an new sense. This sense  is the one that potentially connects you to the Informational realm (a.k.a. Morphological field, akashik records, vaccum field, the matrix, intrinsic datafield, and many more) and which is the reason that allows premonition, psychic abilities, coincidence recognition, intuition and speaking generally the ability to affects and causes that are physically distant  or time-wise part of the past or future.

The speed of application of the EDS probe is the indicator that has to be handled in a state of DLE just like a pendulum, a radionic rubbing plate, bio-tensor or the hand that is used for kinesologic testing. All follow the same rules and science of DLE. What kind of indicator or tool you use when in a state of DLE does not matter, although of course each  practitioner of one of the above modalities treats his own as a religion and does not try to understand the common principles that make them all work.

With this kind of understanding it was a short step to have the idea that it should be possible to generate the measurement result of EDS that usually takes a l0t of training and time-consuming point testing with every client with the hologram-generator  that provides the DLE element in conjunction with  its statistical pattern recognition program of the CoRe system. Also it needed our willingness of a well established EDS company to make it possible to integrate its extensive EDS software into the CoRe system for this kind of what I want to call “virtual EDS testing” and from our side to honor this willingness with substantial license fees that we will make for its use. Also it needed the collaboration and ability of our programmers to make the interface between two so different programs.

And last but not least a lot of testing to see the viability of this completely ground breaking new approach…. and this was certainly a very rewarding work as we could see how well it fitted all our expectations. With this approach we took out all the time consuming-ness of  EDS and to integrate with the time-tested DLE state of the hologram generator.

And the result is stunning …. with the click of one button you are generating measuring results that allow you to view and print out a 12 page report with all aspect of Chinese medicine evaluation and then have the experience of over fifty years of EDS testing on how to interpret measuring results at your finger tips…. and even better the CoRe system gives you the possibility not only to do the evaluation but then to treat with informational medicine modalities or apply light, electric or magnetic energy to exactly  the points that were found to be the resonant entry points …. but about that more next week.

Here are some of the evaluation results that this module will give you with the single click of a button in CoRe version 6 : 300w" sizes="(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px" />

5 Elements analysis 300w" sizes="(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px" />

view of the different Meridian categorized by element 300w" sizes="(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px" />

Pie representation of Meridian activity 300w" sizes="(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px" />

view of hourly changes in activity and imbalance 300w" sizes="(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px" />

....and the center of gravity of 2 coordinate parameters

Never it was so easy to get a general insight into the situation of a person from the stand-point of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

CoRe eventually will realizes Herman Hesse’s vision of the “Glass bead game” that connects all human ways to understand the world

and thus makes it  possible to translate not only words but the meaning behind the words from the different

frames of reference that until now form unsurmountable walls for many

and make it impossible to compare and discuss results that are formulated in different sciences.


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  1. Hi Kiran,

    How are you doing?

    YIEHAAAAAAAA, that was my first reaction when I opened my mail this morning and read your new post about the TCM-module.
    I am already looking forward for more knowhow about the TCM-module next week.

    I am now working for about two years with CoRe and it’s really wonderful. Really great results. Thanks to you all.

    Keep up the lovely work you are doing.

    Greetings from Belgium

    Stephan Maegh

  2. Yay!!!  this is one to look out for and I cannot wait……….hurry but don’t at the same time….. I will wait
    I use TCM in NAET treatments working on the physical body, and am now thinking, I can incorporate and use CoRe to actually send information to disseminate and process the allergen!!!
    bless you all

  3. On Feb 12, 2010, at 7:10 PM, Vijay Patel wrote:

    Dear Doctor,

    For the last few days i have been wanting to contribute to“AcuGraph Past, Present and Future” postings. What a coincidence in what i wanted to suggest!
    I now understand that CoRe system would be coming up with a module which will integrate AcuGraph’s extensive EDS software into the CoRe system to serve as a “virtual EDS testing”.
    This is great news as i am a CoRe user!
    This just shows how AcuGraph can assist in other complimentary medicine systems.