Stroke Of Insight – a DLE moment reveals right and left brain functioning




Hello All,



Not sure who all here have heard of Stroke Of Insight~ Jill Bolte Taylor ~ Ted Talks, link below.

Would love to know if others already have viewed this talk or have read her book.

It had been presented at a TED conference a while back.

If you have never heard of Jill,  I trust you will find it very worth viewing, if you stay with it  from start to finish.

It is about the right brain / left brain and spiritual beingness.

Jill, a brain scientist , had a remarkable experience during her stroke and rehabilitation process

and shares it in this talk.

Would love to hear…Did you find it interesting, inspiring, or ?  😉


New Member Karen


Kiran’s comment :

Thank you  Karen

this is truly a precious find in the world of information out there. I could not imagine any better and more first hand

description of the different working mechaism of right and left hemisphere ( and for those who still dont know its a

treassure chest of things that are coming up)

Just like myself  and my coma it needed a stoke to provide her with the DLE that would open up completely new ways of

understanding….. fortunatly for you, you can get this information in a more gentle form.


Simplistic view of right and left hemisphere 300w" sizes="(max-width: 523px) 100vw, 523px" />

Simplistic view of right and left hemisphere

What I want to convey here goes far beyond this simplistic divison beteen scientific versus creative or emotional verus logical……. IN FACT any true form of

logic, emotion, invention or creativity is only possible via the joint work of both hemispheres alternating in a DLE mode. Also what we consider to be

creative, emotional, logical, inventive is the result of a highly autistic (left brain dominated) cultur and educational system of today.


What Jill described almost as a spiritual experience is a form of re-discovery of the amazing world that the right brain can open to us and that

the CoRe system opens to those who are ready for it. Even more fortunate and amazing is that above all this is a complete other dimension which we call

CONSCIOUSNESS, SPIRIT,SELF and ONENESS but generally confuse with right brain experiences. Get ready and open for change, for DLE, with respect

to all your believes about spiritual expereinces.



PS : This is a wonderful example how a significant DLE  experience can turn a scientist into a person that has transcended her model fo reality and has thus become a more complete being. And cerainly Autism is also exclusively caused by right-brain over-functioning …..a fact that most cannot see because of their own autistic pre-disposition.




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