Open Letter : Health and Energy Minister Brazil

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My name is Kiran Schmidt (USA and German nationality) director R&D of advanced Electro-cardiogram equipment manufacturer in Germany and USA .

For personal reasons I have recently moved to Ilhabella/ Brazil. I am concerned that Brazil does not make the same mistake as in particular the USA and China to get Electric “Smart Meters” installed before sufficient independent research is done regarding  the health effects of these devices  for  the general population.

As you can see form so many websites (please search “Health Risk Smart Meter) – people in areas where Smart Meters have been installed suffer a great number of increased health risks compared to other areas. The relation between Smart Meter deployment and increased health concerns has become so obvious that in several states in USA the installation of Smart Meters has been banned.

On the recent conference of Quantum Health CISQ 2012 in Gramado RS I presented results of measurement on the effect of environmental EMF radiation which you will find in the following post

In English :

In Portuguese :

Also on this conference we collected over 200 signatures for this petition

“Para o Ministro da Saude e Energia – Brasil

Solicito que facam mais estudos sobre os efeitos dos Smart Meters (medidores inteligentes de eletricidade) em relacao a saude, particularmente no caso dos 10% da populacao  que sao sensiveis a radiacao eletromagnetica – em especifico o efeito  em seus EEG e ECG – antes de permitir instalacoes futuras “

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You can see from the above post that Germany which is a main Smart Meter producer as well as deployer (E.ON , Siemens) has only a deployment rate of 1.6% – as the awareness of EMF risk is much greater in this country that traditionally has great education in this area. German companies export these devices all over the world, but are not able to install significant numbers in their own country.

It is a legitimate need to make consumer meters communicate with the power company but for this there are much less harmful means possible than the current microwave-radiation that ping-pongs unnecessarily between many meters in the neighborhoods before reaching the control center. For example simply to use cell-phone technology would be easy but was not used because of cost reasons in its  development time of Smart meters many years ago, that however is  no longer the case.

I will be lecturing in Europe for the next 3 month but I will always be available to answer your question or do further research via e-mail


Kiran Schmidt

CEO Health Navigator LLC

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Cable like this, sold in Brazilian hardware stores,  cause risk to individuals, which should be obvious to the designing engineers. “Smart” meter however will pose risk to the quality of living of whole communities and the designing engineers certainly do not know that human brains work with micro-volt signals that are totally drowned by inducted currents from “Smart” meter microwave radiation. So lets be Smart rather than Sorry


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