SEX, jealousy and informational Medicine

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After the enormous success of 2 of the last of Willy’s posts about Sex and jealousy

his posts had about 3 times of the usual number of readers

we have decided that the title of the book we are working on together will be

“SEX, jelousy and informational Medicine”

thank you all for this valuable feedback



If you are more interested in this topic

or you see that many of your clients informationally struggle with the topic of SEX

you might want to oder Michael Lincoln PhD module

“Addicitions and Gravings” which contains explanations for over 2000 of them

you can see the whole list here

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example of the selection box in CoRe - however you can also have CoRe scan for resonant issues
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sample of a CoRe evaluation - only based on one SEX issue out of 185 possible ones




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