Seminar Chiang Mai February 2013

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Dear participant

This seminar will be different than what I have done until now because I want it to reflect the way of my life rather than imitate some standard format.

As you may know, I have a production in Germany, hundreds of practitioners, distributors in almost every country,  have 12 websites that are all continuously update, a regular newsletter, seminars in at least  10 countries a year, a software that went through over 500 updates since its release and some revolutionary new hardware with several others in the pipeline. So you could think I am busy and would complain about a 60 hour plus plus work week !  However I feel that I live inn a constant vacation.

In this seminar I want to show you  practically how to do that. The idea that we have a 8-12 hour work day and definite holidays is a relatively new invention, previously – time with family and rest was not so strictly separated from work time. Today people go on a vacation and are  supposed to do nothing or just sightseeing, sunbathing and sleeping 24/7. Most are so bored and exhausted from doing nothing after a few days that they look forward to be back at work.

We will do at this seminar a few hours of work/ presentations/ learning in the morning and then time with others in the hot-springs or tigers and elephants in the afternoons.  Please don’t think that this is a waste of time or that you are less effective – in fact if you reduce your work hours to half of what you do now, you will  become twice as effective – this is the principle of DLE applied to work versus rest.


4th February

9 am – 10.45 Kiran : 21st century – the century of Informational Medicine

I will bring together the key aspects of this new medicine, show how it is not just psychology or mind activity but an aspect of our existence as true and objective as matter and energy. I will go over the laws of informational medicine and how they differ from those of energy and matter. On this basis I will give my insight how best use the informational part oft he CoRe system.

11 am – 11.30 pm : Dr.Krisada from Thailand –  Medical Doctor at Maelaw Hospital and CoRe Therapist – Homeopathy with CoRe and creating remedies with CoRe

In my experience Homeopath are generally speaking very conservative,as Homeopathy has crystallized in certain believe structures over its long history. I am happy to see see that this is changing in Thailand where the CoRe system is used successfully in conjunction.

11.30 am – 1 pm : Dr Dato Steve Yap from Malaysia – Nutritional remedies for cancer

Steve has hundreds of cases where he could reverse cancer and other life threatening diseases, just with nutritional changes – he will tell us how you can do that.

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5 th February

9 am – 10.45 Kiran : The Bio-LaesEr practically demonstrated and the principle of Eigen-Resonance

The Bio-LaesEr is not only a technological breakthrough that is able to demonstrate the Biofield measurably for the first time but more importantly it is the first true Bioresonance device, which means it in fact reads and amplifies the bodies Eigen-Frequencies. Therapy with Eigen-Frequencies is energetic Homeopathy. What Eigen-Frequencies have to do with healing or their absence in disease will be explained.

11 am – 12 pm : Marco Paulo from Portugal- Osteopath and CoRe Therapist – Breaking Patterns

Marco talks about can deal with 80 patients a day in his clinic – running 4 CoRe system parallel and particularly how he combines CoRe Informational, energetic and Bio-LaesEr and the results that have made him so popular

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6th February

9 am – 10.45 Kiran : From Archetypes to the understanding of archetypal polarities

               Much like modern physics – alternative medicine is on the wrong track to search for elementary particles rather than elementary types of interaction. Our world can be much better understood if we start to see  the interaction polarities rather than the events and people that apparently brought them about. I will explain how we can we use the CoRe system to discover the key-polarities in a patients life that make and keep him sick rather than to blame apparent causative toxins ?

11 am – 1 pm : Dr.Allen Joseph – Homeopath and CoRe Therapist –  Detoxification with CoRe

Allen is working since many years with CoRe in conjunction with his Detox program in Thailand, he will explain how it is helping to Detox and give practical tips how to be successful in this approach.

Afternoon : Visit to the Tiger kingdom

7th February

9 am – 10.45 Kiran : Polarities, Ego and spiritual evolution

              In the past the priest was also the healer and this for a good reason – spiritual evolution is inseparably connected in the use of physical, emotional and mental health challenges. Modern medicine has separated both and therefore will not be successful in the cure of chronic diseases. Chronic disease is the indicator that  acute health challenges have not been used for spiritual evolution. I will explain that true RE-LIGIO means a true RE-CONNECTION and how this is related to the EGO.

11 am – 1 pm : Marco Paulo from Portugal- Osteopath and CoRe Therapist – Breaking Patterns

Marco is to me the best example of a healing priest and he has a more than 50 patients a day – 3 CoRe systems parallel – and will tell you how he is so successful by making patients break patterns

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8th February

9 am – 10.45 Kiran : Intro to the new additions to the CoRe system

               I will outline how I see the CoRe system develop in the future, the central role of EIGEN-FREQUENCY feedback, the role of the BEaMEr, the Quantune comunicator, the Quantum doctor. This is classified knowledge.

11 am – 1 pm : Please bring your own questions and success stories.


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