Role of information in Happiness and Health

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Dear Friends


I will not stop hitting many of you at sensitive points – simply because I do want to be true to my mission and luckily I do not need to be concerned about loosing some sales.


I know 90 % of you eat the daily informational shit that comes to you through all the media – and you think it does not hurt you –

you think – because you have been told from childhood that“you need to be informed – to make informed choices”

Some health promoters still are very concerned about eating healthy but don’t feel that anything is wrong in describing all the

horrors of  the Japanese atomic accident – WHY –

because we need to be informed to help make this impossible in the future –

and INFORMATION CAN NOT HARM YOU – different then food it is only your personal choice if you let it affect you.


This is all the ignorance of the last century in respect to the “power of information” – and I guess I do not make myself many friends in saying that if you see the daily news – and probably over and over again – you do not know anything about “informational medicine and poisons” you are not sensible on how things affect you

It is a central quote in  the tragedy of “Romeo and Juliet” is


A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

Of course this was not Shakespeare speaking because he knew more then any one that

the effect that an image is creating is most of all depending on the name you give it

Shakespeare uses 17,677 words: Of those,- 1700 english words were first used by Shakespeare’s_influence

But not knowing this and not looking any deeper – most of you would say that it is correct that

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

– far from it – the opposite is much closer to the fact – but this understanding is part of the 21st century and that starts to realize the power of information in health and disease and in all aspect of our life

But to realize this more deeply you either had to have a life-changing accident as myself or had to be blind like this lady

I am writing this in Thailand – which I think is one of the happiest country in the world – and because of this happiness, relatively immune to the US VIRUS, small 7/11 shops  at every corner, for most, fill  all their needs.

And not having heard the “Quantum-slogan” – WE ARE ALL ONE – they do not need to prove as much as in the West that they stand out from the rest of the Quantum-Crowd

The USA virus wants to satisfy your sense of INDIVIDUALITY  by giving you 100 shampoos to choose from – but this really has turned the USA in the country that needs more anti-depressants than any other – and with them all other countries  – to the degree that they are infected with the US virus

Thank you Juan Manuel for alerting me to this video



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