Resonance / Coherence not always constructive


It has been shown that the activity of the conscious mind as well as words which require left brain thinking creates centripetal forces within the cells of the body. In other words, the intellectual learning process is one of control and rigidity which eventually results in negative effects within the cellular structure of the body. This can also be shown to be the case with patterns of shock or trauma where the conscious mind is used to control (and manipulate) emotions to stop them from being experienced.

This is not only the starting points for all disease, but also acts as a radiation device of negative information as well as a transmitter for the information sequences of the aging process.

Most people think that resonance is necessary, like is the case in music where it produces agreeable sounds of chords and octave differences. The sound waves add constructively.

In a suspension bridge however, resonance of a constant (even low speed) winds, produce vibrations in the roadbed and suspension cables which can be destructive when superimposed. For example: Tacoma Bridge

This last example shows clearly that even from a physical point of view, resonance isn’t always that good. However on the conscious and spiritual level it is even worse. Resonance is clearly a process of information transfer. If this happens on the left brain minded level (conscious or not), this leads to a total loss of individuality and own development. It is an attack towards the individual freedom, and leading to mass hysteria, sects and other controlling organisations such as religion and the army. They break down all individual’s strength just as the Tahoma Bridge, loosing all identity. (Whoops, again a few friends less!)

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..... and informational Coherence effect like in the football stadium


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  1. Mark Morton Glasgow on

    Dear Dr. De Maeyer,

    I have read with interest your most recent post, Resonance/ Coherence Not Always Constructive. You have cited instances wherein this might be the case and I would agree that disharmonious material resonances may be considered negative for those who are vulnerable under certain circumstances.

    On the other hand, resonance is a constant factor in both the material and spiritual realms. It is important to understand resonance as a carrier or medium and not as the message itself. Just as a postman may deliver good or bad news, resonance will within the material realm act in the varying pure and mixed modes of ignorance, passion and goodness.

    Spiritual resonance/vibration, acts always to elevate the entangled living entity, by awakening his dormant spiritual consciousness and leading him away from misidentifying himself with matter. As spiritual practitioners, we must understand clearly what matter is, what spirit is and from whence both arise. We must also act always to elevate the awareness of those with whom we deal whether materially or spiritually.

    It behooves us to view coincidence as coincidence without making questionable claims based on circumstantial and partial evidence. We must try to understand ourselves as distinct from matter and in the liberated state, free from its conditioning/corrupting influence. This gives birth to toleration. By toleration, harmony increases and the highest degree of harmony can tolerate any amount of opposition. Such tolerance is most obliging and that, my dear friends, is the royal road to peace.