Resonance on the informational level occurs when there is a commonality between 2 informational Fields of Force.

As you know DLE is the activity to stay in a dynamic labile equilibrium state between the polarities or in other words to

remain in DLE in an informational Field. Just to refresh a few examples of such polarities:

I hate my work – I have to work to make my living

I am smoking – I believe it will not harm me if I choose so

I like to drive fast – I hate  to have another ticket

I love my wife – Sometimes I would like to have a sensitive experience with another woman

I love my children – I would like to go on a four wheel tour trough the dessert without them

I would like to attend the AIM training – I need to save money for my next dental treatment.


so on and on it goes ….. can you imagine the number of force-fields we live in ?

and of course there have been countless attempts to get out of one or best all of them for example :

1. become a monk

2. dont have children

3. cheat your spouse in a very clever way

4. get a radar detector


5. delusions like “CHEATING HURTS NOBODY as long as it is kept a secret” or “I CAN FOLLOW THE AIM TRAINING AS WELL ONLINE”

6. opinions like “I KNOW IT ALL”

6. and so on and on


The teaching that I offer on this forum is as simple as the following :

Polarities are absolutely necessary for health, and if we try to avoid them with one sided choices of living or thinking we will have to get sick to get out of these dead end streets again. If we try to avoid them with insurances, imitation of others or new-age-all-is good-delusion. We should try to find which pole these attitudes want not hide (informational buffer)…. and of course CoRe is the tool for that. The way back to health is to integrate the covered pole back into ones life.

Then came this  message from a good friend that made me aware of an important point :

Dear Kiran

I will really conside your suggestion about a drink in Brazil

I just took part of the pendulum text. I have realized that my intuitive way of handeling my hostile husband who wants to have money from ME!! (the opposit is obvious to anyone who would know but I have been codependent – and protected the family image -to a man with dependency on other people´s money – expecially mine. Sorry, it i just en good example)

I make a list of all I have to thank him for, the  good parts. and I send one thank every day..Believe this will stop the pendulum!! Love M.

This message reminded me that we have to recognize an important difference between Resonance effects that are based on a healthy DLE, which create “openness to change” and destructive DLE  that actually dominates most peoples lives in the form of destructive relationships to a spouse, neighbour, parents, money, cultural conventions, spirituality, traffic or  mortgages.

Of course some girls, money-matters, drugs or cults can have quite a labilizing effect on our life …. particularly if we feed this roller-coaster (pendulum) with our energy, information, time and emotions…. and unfortunately for most people their whole life consists of various Pendulum that they feel? they have to feed.

It takes time to learn  to recognize the difference between Resonance (for example when falling in love) and the unhealthy attempt to maintain a COHERENCE that that is kept alive by avoiding/fearing change . Fortunately we have a tool, the CoRe System,  that is not bound by traditions of whatever kind it shows you and your client “Wo der Hase im Pfeffer liegt” (“Where the rabbit thinks? he loves pepper”) and best of all can loosen the spell that a Pendulum holds over those that feed it.

German proverb “Wo der Hase im Pfeffer liegt”

COHERENCE is an informational Concept that I consider as very important. It says that most of the life of people is about feeding COHERENCE with their time, dedication, energy in the form of fears and desires. You feed a COHERENCE both with your positive thoughts, actions, affirmation just as much as with all your negativity about it, and most frequently with explaining and blaming. Therefor a COHERENCE is a mechanism that takes your energy and information whereas Resonance is an effect that provides you with both.

Again there are countless different varieties of COHERENCE but a very common one :

I will love you and give you all you want – if you love and feed and admire me.

In the case of M as in many other relationships this has turned into dislike or even hate but at the same time she got the idea (probably from new-age thinkers) that the way out is to continue to send positive vibes and affirmation.And when you think about this example, if you are honest to yourself you can see that this is a very common way of keeping alive many unhealthy relationships,not only to the spouse but also to many other areas :

We want to give up smoking, we are negative about it, we hate it  – We very often reaffirm that it is our choice and it is our pleasure and that this gives our life and we predominantly smoke in the pleasurable times of our life like break.

We hate our job, we are finding things every day that annoy us, we complain to everyone around us – We Know? that this is “at the present moment” the best choice we are having, we know? that it has some purpose that we are there for now, we like the person in the next cubicle and are so positive about the social benefits.

We are completely exhausted by all the family politics, we have to recover a week from every family-come-together – We really think? that without a family you are nobody, we believe? that it is our moral duty to take care of our relatives, particularly our parents, we are sure? in the end it is about changing a few details and the whole experience will turn positive.

…. you see the pattern ,,,,, I could make up examples for gambling, going to church, shopping, children, neighbors, money, sex and it would all follow the same pattern

“Informational COHERENCE are used to keep the status quo alive”

We are either stuck to one or the other pole of a polarity which is lacking DLE OR in the case of COHERENCE one is stuck to a constant up and down,  happy and unhappy, positive and negative about a situation and we go from one extrem to the other (being stuck to a particular DLE).

So someone (of course most likely a woman) would say… “Hey Kiran, here you have the DLE that you are always promoting”

Certainly this is not the essence …. the essence of the concept of DLE is “Not to get stuck in anything for too long” even your favorable DLE experience….. clear ?

I know it is the most difficult lesson we can learn, the ultimate lesson of many incarnations, that at the end we are free and can move all the realms without getting stuck…. because immeasurable wonders await those who :

“Kisses joy or sorrow as it flies”  as they “will live in eternities sunrise”

and certainly the KISS OF DEATH is the ultimate test weather we have learned our lesson “TO BE OPEN TO CHANGE” 300w, 1024w" sizes="(max-width: 1115px) 100vw, 1115px" />

COHERENCE here "Foucault Pendulum" is the ultimate symbol of inertia .... it does not even change its path if the earth below moves under it


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