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This category of posts is dedicated to the theory and practical forms of RESET.

Sickness is based on being stuck in one of the possible and necessary polarities on one of the four levels Matter, Energy, Information or Spirit or in other words a lacking DLE in a given area. Just as with Computers I will show and explain that all successful  forms of healing are based on creating one or another form of CHANGE.

We will see that the new medicine is essentially a new science of CHANGE and how to facilitate CHANGE.

We will also see that CHANGE has many forms which are very different I will discriminate for  example :






NLP/ Re-naming/ Re-defining


versions of change (naming and categorizing is important as every new science is largely built on naming and defining)

In this Category I want to show the different forms and aspects of RESET-change :

The result of a RESET is that the system is brought back in a state that is more open, has more possibilities, less restrictions. Often RESET involves to bring the system back to a more primordial/ simple/ initial state but there are many variations and it will need several posts to demonstrate some of RESET forms as for example :

Time with animals

Time with children

Time in nature

Regression therapy


Sleeping/ power naps

Artificial coma

Life simplification

Shamanistic rituals

Stem cell therapy

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... the best use of a Recession (and its hidden purpose) is to Reset to start fresh


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