RESET – the prime remedy for informational disease


RESET is the key cure for most cases when a computer program does not respond. When a program is “frozen” it is not because it does nothing but because it is repeating the same thing over and over and therefore cannot respond to any input from outside.

The same happens in our lives, we get caught in some activity, particularly if it is very repetitive and we become unresponsive, we don’t hear people talking to us or pass-bye friends without noticing. Sickness also often leads to this state where all of our life turns around this sickness, likewise with children, work or some fear.

This getting locked in a loop of actions, thoughts or emotions is usually not so complete as in some acute states of anxiety or compulsive behavior but always happens more and more gradually as the day (or life) progresses. Later in the day we are more immersed, limited and rigid in our mind and emotions as right after getting up. The next morning, once we have dis-entangled us from the momentum that sleep created, it usually is a new start, new possibilities and we have solutions for problems that seemed impossible in the evening before .

Sleep is a wonderful example of a RESET and we need sleep mainly for this reason and not, as is conventionally assumed, to recharge our batteries. There are many people that live with Polyphasic sleep pattern, which means they sleep several times in 24 hours (also myself)  only for a shorter time. The most creative people like Leonardo da Vinci, Tesla an Buckminster Fuller could live this way with only a combined 2 hours of sleep every 24 hours. There is new technologies coming up that support this way of frequent napping .

In fact polyphasic sleep pattern is just another application of the Dynamic Labile Equilibrium DLE principle that is the basis everywhere for health, creativity and evolution. DLE means the ability to fluidly move between the polarities, in this case between sleep and waking state.

A RESET usually involves a sudden change, so abrupt that the  system has no way to adjust the learned or common ways to react which are all some sort of limitation but instead reverts to an earlier stage that was still un-diversified, more primitive but has again more potential, more degrees of freedom.

For example when we nap we revert to the state just after waking up in the morning and consequently have lots of new energy and inspiration to do things. Likewise if someone can make sick people laugh or play like children this is a RESET that has great healing potential. Several hours in a floatation tank can make you feel like new born and many diseases will disappear.

All cultures have rituals that are intended as a RESET, like new year celebration, but usually lost their purpose. A useful NEW YEAR RESET would for example not to talk for 24 hours or not to leave the bed for 2 days. Or even the resting on the 7th day of the week would be very productive if it would be in fact practiced as a day that is completely different than the other 6.

As many people find out – to sleep 8 hours in one stretch is neither necessary nor a sign of good health but in case that you still believe in this idea and are annoyed about the many times that you wake up an cannot easily go back to sleep, I will give you a RESET method that will help. When you wake up, instead of trying desperately to be quiet and not to think, shake your head violently from side to side for about 1 minute (you can remain lying) – this is the change that triggers a RESET and you  will then make you fall asleep quickly again.

Likewise during the day you can set your watch for an hourly alarm and whenever it goes off, you do something out of the ordinary, either also shake your head strongly for a minute, or tap your thymus or your belly, stand on your head or shout out of the window and you will find how much more awake your whole day becomes.

Going to smoke has a similar function but is less effective and has many negative side-effects. Many practices in hospitals often serve likewise as a “healing” RESET – where the healing is not a result of actual curative aspects of the therapy but the reseting psychological effects that are the consequence for example in seeing that one looses one’s hair in chemotherapy.

Most spiritual practices have crystallized, as people do not understand that they are RESET mechanisms and not a superior way of life. For example chanting Hare Krishna or going to Confession are powerful RESET rituals but doing it for too long (without change/RESET)  will turn this technique of liberation into a prison.

Likewise most well-meaning self-talk or wishes to a sick person have an opposite effect, for example if you have a fear of something telling yourself “I am calm and not affected” will drive the adrenalin even higher as the body creates an extra reaction to the fear that one’s hopes again might be in vain. Therefore a shaman will not tell you “Don’t worry things will be fine” but he frightens you even more or creates some extra pain with needles or fire because this will create the RESET, a moment where you abandon your familiar coping mechanisms.

RESET works not only on a mental/emotional of spiritual level but has the power to turn iron into steel through tempering which involves a RESET by dipping the red-hot metal into cold water and the steel becomes very flexible in this process. Likewise it has just being discovered that exposure of mature cells to non-lethal temperature changes or acid will turn them into stem-cells which are pluripotent

Frequent RESET has to become a way of life so we do not either crystallize as most old people nor need fate to send us RESET events like sickness, accident or tragic losses as a way to RESET us. DLE is the ideal way of life, frequent RESET is the way to achieve it.





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