Reset – the funny painful way towards health


to me Acupuncture, just like fire walking or other shamanic principles works because it shocks the client out of a disease program which is stuck in an infinite loop

RESET is a key concept to get any mal-functioning device back to work correctly.

RESET is clearing temporary memory and starting the system from original conditions.

…. and  The Bioresonance-LaesEr System is a new and painless way to meet yourself and nothing can be a more reset-ing experience


RESET is the key healing mechanism also for living organisms, and different forms have been practiced always in all healing traditions. Today when you have cancer you get Radiation or Chemo-therapy that sometimes heals – but not because it kills the bad cancerous cells but because it is triggering a psychological reset.

When the patient goes through a hell of pain or even sees his hair falling out – he clears naturally all the accumulated memory of little worries, of anger about people who he thinks did wrong to him, the worries about his retirement and the worries about his kids and friends. All is reset through the overwhelming threat of death and suffering. At best the person is made ready to start fresh, and just like a child is happy about every new hour in his life.

RESET can also be done through voluntary actions like a big sacrifice that threatens ones security, a pilgrimage to unknown lands that involve change of habits. To a smaller degree for less threatening matters it can also happen by following decisive demands of the doctor like to stop smoking, take hallucinogen drugs to drink, 5 l of water every day or going through a Detox regiment like that of my friends Allen and Noy in Thailand. Sometimes also just sitting in a dull waiting room for days without end or a hospital  seeing dozens in wheelchairs or on stretchers passing by, can be a very resetting experience. If all fails possibly the doctors bill will get you to your knees and make you forget all your little worries that made you sick.  Or you can go to a healer in the Amazon’s or Angola which does something that frightens or surprises you so much that you can have a fresh start.

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Or if this does not help go to India for 3 weeks and you certainly dont think you have ever any problems

and for the really stuck cases do some additional 3 weeks of vipasana meditation

Certainly new age ideas of “you are alright” , pamper yourself  and spend some time at a 5Star healing resort in the Caribbean will make you enjoy your sickness to be able to come back soon.


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  1. My dear Friend…

    Being In charge of a clinic that was 80 patients a day I understand the concept and sometimes even I can apply it… That is not the dificult part of the process…

    the dificult part is to make the patient awaken for his own reality…

    We are all parts of a greatter plan… Not a question of choice (because there is no choice) … there is only one Way and therefore there is no choice…  For me my path is devoted to compassion…

    Compassion is the connection between the two polarities… Love and Pain…  

    The Diference between a good therapist and “just another” therapist is this understanding of Pain …

    You need to understand that the pain of your patient is as big as your own… So strong that you feel returning to the day where you felt the worst day… the end of dreams the end of ilusion the end of faith… and suddenly you are still connected to your Life… You still smile and you still fill your lungs with air… You still Love life… 

    the Reset can  happen in so many different ways…  but Pain is Pain… and as long has you live you still Love…  compassion creates the point where you understand that your soul isn’t damaged and your essence is connect to something above you…

    If you understand this you are conected to every patient you see…  because you understand their pain as your own… so you understand their Love has your own… Healing is understanding that you have no choice and your faith is has big has your compassion

    A Great hug