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Most of you know that in Nov 2005 I had a car accident in Egypt that killed my dear wife Cassandra and our good friend Daniela and put me in a state of Coma for several weeks . I was given a 20 % survival chance. With the help of providence and the CoRe system I recovered completely or better to say “I uncovered a whole new world”.

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.... and maybe best of all my gratitude for the spiritual guidance has increased so much

but what is not so external but much more important to me are the emotional changes and changes of priorities that I set in my life.

RESET to me is a leading concept in the new science of Informational medicine as I was given the chance to experience the power of a major Reset myself. RESET in the different forms that I will explore  on this forum and that I invite you all to contribute to, have the common feature that, just like in a computer reset means to revert to a more original or simplified state to solve health or other problems.

In  the coma I was going back to the beginnings of my personal life as well as to the beginnings of human existence as a species and then re-living all from the beginning, just as every embryo is successively passing though all the stages of evolution (to equally allow for a reset). When coming out of coma I was relearning speech, all at lightening speed and then went through month of childhood and  adolescence with its various major attractions of toys and sexual discovery (that some try and use for reset a whole life).

I understand what makes regression-therapy  work, induced-coma, stem-cell therapy, floatation tanks and many more that I will introduce into  informational medicine with this understanding of the need and power of RESET in healing. CoRe is the tool to find resonant information that can facilitate the informational reset, particularly if assisted by its energy modalities, in a much more gentle way than what I and others had to go through to get the same result.

If you do not understand the difference between Information and Consciousness you make many misconceptions for example I have heard people talk of “A different person entering somebodies body” after an accident. You will see that it is a mistake to equate Person = his soul/ his informational content, as I know a person is at his deepest level not his soul but his spirit/ SELF/ Consciousness…. but I can tell you it is a strange experience for a Spirit to inhabit another body but is much more profound of a change to inhabit a different Soul…. but we had to go through these transitions all many times and my post “RESET-my personal story” can give just a taste of that

but daily work with the CoRe system is teaching us not to take our informational content/ our soul for so definite and real and this is what is necessary for healing as well as for spiritual connection.


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  1. One of the very valuable books that I have recently read was the ‘Reality Transurfing’ that I received along with the CoRe pack.  Main concept in that is of ‘excess potential’ and the mechanism of natural balancing through life events.  It is somewhat the same concept of ‘karma’ in india. It is this excess potential that attracts (most of the times) an event of RESET.  It was also termed as the ‘dark night of a soul’ it is the potential energy that we create that attracts resets; i believe there are minor resets that occurs everyday, it is a natural part of our life, it is the ways of reset that give a zest to our everyday life.

    Kiran’s comment :

    different than the idea of Karma….. which is based on morality concepts that have been added over the centuries to cover the original ideas … the concept of “Excess potential” simply shows how excessive focus on ANYTHING will call in neutralizing forces onto the stage…. so even if you play excessively “Mother Theresa” or “Fakir” it will come in not to punish but simply to neutralize…. this is fresh and simple…. Karma is old and perverted…. for example I got 3 warnings from users who’s CoRe vers. 4 stopped working on the 1st January 2010… that I would attract very very bad Karma if I did not give them an upgrade to 5 for free

  2. This may not be as dramatic, but is very beautiful way to reset. So in theory if you do more of little ones you will not have to live trough such a big one as Kiran did.
    For me this little masterpiece of animation was definitely reset of the week for it richness in visual and audio effects expanded me so much I didn’t even know I was there.
    I’m sharing the link here with you in hope it will do the same for you!

    Stay well,