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Dear Friends

I am delighted to present you, what I consider the best of all the essays presented after the AIM training at Brazil this year, that was one of the requirements for certification.

This essay comes from Bruna who actually was not even a regular participant but our translator for our Brazilian friends. At any moment she had to translate for 10 participants that listened and surrounded her closely.

She created not only to me the best, because most practical and authentic essay on one of the concepts presented, she was also the first to send it in, 2 days after the training.

This shows two things, most often the best time to do things is NOW and second the DLE that she was under, in having to translate constantly, did not actually disturb or take away from her ability to take in it for herself but on the contrary made ideas go deeper and have more personal roots.

Bruna is already a personal friend, only 20 in age she had learned English from Debora and now takes the opportunities as they present themselves, this weekend she flies to Portugal to translate there the AIM training and then stay and learn with Marco – open end – and this is what I call the best student.

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Bruna with her cat


From all the things mentioned at the seminar that day, I believe that the reset was the most important one, because in our lives there’s almost no reset, and we need to learn how to do it, in order to get better, feel better, and live our lives completely.

Nowadays, and I can say for myself and my life in the past two years, people don’t know what reset is, and most of them don’t want to know, or just don’t care. I was one of these people. I used to live the same life day after day, follow a strict routine, wake up in the morning, go to work, come back home, have lunch, go to work again, go to college, and return home.

Routine. That ‘s what I’d call today: the end of life. Because there’s no DLE, we don’t create DLE, so, our lives are kind of empty, useless, we’re always tired, complaining about everything, things we have, things we don’t have, people, lack of time, lots of work. This isn’t life.

But when we reset things, we make a difference. We start things over, we think more and about all the things we’d ignored before, and it’s new, it’s weird sometimes, scarring, but also good, because it’s different.

I had this life before, it was good, I felt happy most of the time, I thought I had everything I needed, but I was wrong. I actually didn’t know what I wanted, that’s why I tried to make up happiness, obligate myself to do things I didn’t really want to do, I was lost. And one day I decided to change. It was time to change, I woke up early (because I wanted to, not because I had to), went shopping (I don’t really like shopping), I bought different new clothes, make up, and a gift for someone. That day was my reset of life.

I finally found myself, what I wanted to do and to be, I realized that I was looking for things in the wrong place and I had to cross to the other side of the road to get what I wanted. I changed plans, my posture, my way of seeing things, some thoughts. And suddenly things started to get better, I started knowing what happiness was, and I finally had gotten a new life.

Of course, it’s not a perfect life, not even close, but it’s mine, I can’t control all the events that happen, but I can choose what to do about them, I can choose between learn with them or complain why things happened or not.

I don’t cry when I fall, I laugh and stand up again. I don’t argue with everybody anymore, just because it’s funny, I do it if and only I’m right or when I have a point. I treat people better, with more sympathy, kindness and no prejudice, just like the way I want to be treated. And I decide to do it every single day, after waking up.

All right, I can’t control my life, but I’m able to make decisions, to change things, lives, points of view. Now, I use my life and this ‘power’ of mine’s to help the others, to make their lives better, to make the difference where before I never thought I could make.

Every single day I reset my life, because every single day I know my life will be different, yesterday won’t be like today, today won’t be like tomorrow either, and that’s what makes life interesting, beautiful and full of DLE.

And DLE it’s just like oxygen to human beings, we have to have it in our lives, or it’s not nice, exciting, thrilling. I can’t imagine a world without DLE.

Taking my life as an example again, if there wasn’t DLE I wouldn’t have gotten any of things I have today. I wouldn’t have met you Kiran (because it was a coincidence the way we met), or traveled to other countries, I’d have the same idea that England would my perfect place to live… And no, it wasn’t.

I don’t plan years anymore, I plan my hours, and even though I’m opened to change, I’m aware that life can turn and point to another direction, a very different one, and I have to live with it, and learn.

Two weeks ago I was sick and almost depressed because of some bad events in my life, one week later I was working, doing what I love to do, meeting wonderful people from all the parts of the world, eating, drinking and having lots of fun with them, and all this because I decided to go on a trip, to change some things of my life, some life concepts.

So what if I crashed my car? It showed me I had to be more careful, and also, I had a very powerful angel guard watching over me, to not let anything worse happened. Yes, I quit my job because I intended to travel to another country, and then I changed my mind and I was suddenly unemployed, but if I was working at the same place right now, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity to go to Ilhabela, translate the seminar, make some good and special friends and also, see some perspective for my future. Everything happens for a reason. And we shouldn’t fight against it, but learn, accept, and see all this from the optimistic point of view.

DLE is necessary in our lives to ‘shake’ us, to show us that there’s way more in life that we can see, touch or even understand. And CoRe is an example of this. People that don’t know CoRe, what it does how it works, at first won’t believe in its power of knowledge or healing, but after one session, it will change their lives, the way they see things, and we can call this change reset, because of the DLE that CoRe put in their lives.

CoRe is a tool that can be used to save people, not only heal, but save their lives literally. When a person is in a kind of labyrinth surrounded by paths that won’t lead to any good place or any solution to solve the problems, Core will help to find the way, and not only one way, but the way, the perfect way for you. You just have to let it work, forget the rules, and concepts that you had before, they won’t fit anymore, and this is good, because it’s new, it brings you some reset and DLE, and also, there won’t be coherence in your life.

Well, I’m one example and kind of a witness of change of life. My life was full of coherence, rules, routines, and all the bad this that make we get stuck in life, not change, grow, either improve. After getting to know CoRe and your philosophy better, after reading and understanding, what you meant with all the posts and all the conversations we had, I got to know the importance or DLE, how to get DLE, and how to enjoy and not feel sorry when it happens.

We should not protect ourselves against DLE, we should not want to live in a labyrinth, in a hole, where we can only see walls and restricted paths, we should want more, get more, do more. We should want to reach the top of the hill, look everything from there, feel free to choose whatever we want to choose, chance the patterns of our lives, and make the difference in our world and other people’s world.

When I say difference, I don’t mean perform a surgery, lend money or any of these things, I mean, do simple things, just like, when a person look to you, you look back, say good morning or good night, thank when other people do you a favor, smile, a smile can make more change than we can imagine. Those simple things show people how much we care, and that you don’t have to do big or important things to be remembered, you just have to be yourself, do what you feel like doing at all the moments, and be the difference.

To be the difference you don’t have actually to act, what I said before, they’re informational things, they’re pure energy, good energy, and they have this spectacular power of change people’s lives.

And so does CoRe. As it was said at the seminar, CoRe is a tool to heal people, and to heal people we use nothing but information. That shows us, how much information is precious and powerful, and we have to know how to use it, and use it in a good way, in order to cure people, give them their health back, their hope, or whatever they long to have.

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