Relationship of Information and Entropy


Summary : How do Entropy and Information relate to each other/ Fields and waves are  not necessary to explain informational communication

Purpose : To have a new understanding of the laws of Information that explains why Information behaves very different than  energy and is not  just a modulation state of energy but the SOURCE and DESTINY of informational processes, named ENTROPY. Transformational energetic processes are not a dead-end-road that leads to total Chaos, but that complexifies our environment to a degree where our limited understanding perceives it as chaos only for chaos to be the source of new “degrees of freedom” that is the basis of DLE and thus energetic processes.

Dear Lucian

K: You say “Now information, the opposite of entropy, is a numeric measure of how complex the structure of the system is, weather we know it or not”

Here please listen and be open to the very revolutionary view of Kiran:

“Information is greater the higher the Entropy” . More Entropy simply means higher Complexity and from the point on where our knowledge cannot make out structure anymore we call it Chaos  which in my world view is simply a more complex information that means “Maximum Entropy = Max information content”

Professors are known to deal with more chaos in their environment not because they are more stupid but because they are more intelligent to see structures and order where others are no longer able to see them. We make the big mistake that we subjectively call something Entropy when we run out of ordering parameters that would be suitable to describe it.

Intelligence is usually tested by finding pattern in a complex succession of pattern… but why we have the silly idea that there is ever any limit in potentially finding pattern only because our most intelligent theories don’t provide one anymore. Entropy is not the absence of pattern but a very very complex one.

L: Info= log |Aut(System)| or  –log(probability) if normalized; it’s expectation value is Entropy=<Info>=- Sum p_i log(p_i), i.e. the density of information per character. It’s all Shannon’s Coding Theorems, since quantum interactions are quantum communications …

K: The 2 papers you send are just another version of what has been done since a hundred years to describe information transfer and possible not energy-based ways to make it possible. One simple idea that has escaped everyone to consider. “Information other than Energy is not bound by Space and Time and therefore any technical or theoretical methods to make communication  from A to B is not necessary  if the receiver is also based in the informational matrix morphological field” that means if he is also not bound by distance.

Please tell me why nobody considered the possibility that Space and Time are not necessarily binding  dimensions  for every aspect of existence. People like Einstein tried to bend time and tunnel through it and now impose some structure on it, why not even consider that Time is not a dimension for states of mind and consciousness. For example when I was in a coma I could space and time travel as I wished and this is the case also for psychics and for anyone at times.  Information is only in exceptional cases transmitted via Energy, most of nature communicates with each other instantaneously,  energy .

L: The Greeks discovered the atomic theory, but it’s useless without technology; just talking about what info is will not solve the problem.

K: You say “By now I guess: CoRe should contain a high-potential information-source (random number generator), a resonator (quartz or semiconductor and … a coil?), probably like any radio tuned to detect a zero-field vector potential, and … ?”

By now you could guess that there is no sending or receiving necessary because there is no field that has any distance-dimensions on the informational level. So no need for coils or any other sender based on energy physics.  You just look for repetitive pattern in the Chaos that is generated or better that is expressed by a random number generator. What you pick up is “Coincidences” that we know from using the CoRe are highly loaded with significance.

L: The so called “coincidences” are the result of a triple: emitter, channel and receiver (see again Shannon’s Theorems regarding the Theory of Information); such communications can be achieved without fields of force, but as any “change”, they involve a source and a target.

K: Can you describe a little of your current work ?

L: Modeling systems as automata processing both energy, matter and information-structure. It’s too much to be said here, material for my 3rd volume of the Digital World Theory. The flavor and justifications can be found in my two books on The Digital World Theory (They’re technical, but you should browse them and read between the lines). Anyways, the Big Picture is starting to clarify; but there are too many concrete projects – which are a priority; we need results, not just “nice pictures”.

Regarding our discussions, I should point out that I am using the various terms like energy, information, potential etc. in the technical sense. For example, a local potential which you call potential energy, corresponds to a conservative force. The zero-field potentials I am talking about, represent a global structure, a substitute for “space”, but not as we imagine it in classical physics; rather with “holes” (homology), and having global attributes (i.e. non-local properties). Unfortunately many “points” of the discussions are lost in “translation”, from the technical level to the higher-level language of a specific practice. Give it time and the “dictionaries” start to crystallize, mediating the “application interface” and “technical implementation”.

As above so below "Chaos is not the end result of energetic processes but their Origin and Destiny

As above so below "Chaos is not the end result of energetic processes but their Origin and Destiny

….. and what “the big boys at the top” and the “believers of the new world order” and the “imitating masonic” do not and did not know that the order they try to create will only be the raw material to be turned into  the a new and more sophisticated Chaos that they are not prepared to navigate….. and that is the natural result for all those who spend their life to control/ regulate/ enslave/ limit/ dominate to make the world save/ predictable/ stable while in at the base they are moved by fear-of-the-unpredictable…..


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