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Below you find my answers to Josiane   in Brazil who was so inspired by the amazing results of  CoRe treatment that she want to learn more – here is one of her cases :

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In Abril/2012 Sonia Regina had a surgery to implant a prosthesis in her left knee, but soon after the surgery it was detected an infectious process and the prosthesis  had to be removed. A second attempt for another implant was done, but the same problem recurred and the prosthesis was once again removed.
Thus it was prescribed her a treatment based on antibiotic (teicoplanin)  from 28/07/2012 to 03/01/2013 in order to contain the infectious process according the prescription below.

During this time several tests to check the focus of infection was getting better and as it can be seen in the exam from  10.10.2012 (after 3 months of allopathic treatment), the count value of leukocytes is still 672.000/ml., see  below:

In early Out/2012 talking with Edson Nitatori and Ieda about Sonia they started to coomunicate distante treatment through CORE. After that we purchased the CORE and I (Josiane) continued this treatment.

The result can be seen below in the exam from 07.11.2012 where the leukocyte count dropped to 7.000/ml (Acceptable to 10000/mL). Therefore a treatment with strong antibiotics that should last until 03/01/2013 at the beginning of Nov/2012 Sonia had already reached a satisfactory level in relation to the infection process.

AND here are Josiane’s questions :

1)  We have the informational field in humans, on the Earth planet, etc …

You think of Information-field just like you would think about energy, but Information is very different from Energy in 2 main aspects

A)   It does not have extension in time and space

B)    It does not follow the Conservation law that is the basis of the definition of Energy

This means Information is not “here or there”, “on the Earth or planet” , “in the aura of someone” and it is not less if it was more lived 1000 years ago or is the dominating influence in another culture 1000 miles from you. It is not like energy that always is weaker the more distant you are or  gets less if you distribute it to more people.

2) The energy is affected by this informational field, as well as the informational field is affected by the energies, ie, if we have 2 billion people in the world thinking and

feeling that they are cancer, probably have a higher incidence of people with this disease.

This idea is the result of the current USA virus that tells people that they are the “creators of everything”, “you can do it yourself” and in the new age scene this has been incorporated into the “think yourself health – you can do it – if you are sick it is only your wrong thinking” and all the other illusions of THE SECRET.

3) This is because the electromagnetic energy generated by the thoughts / emotions of these 2 billion people will be directly affecting the informational field / akasha / noosphere …

The Quadtrinity model that I present in many posts shows that we can see the world as constituted by 4 levels Matter – Energy – Information – Consciousness. Matter cannot influence energy it can only carry it, but Energy being higher than Matter can influence matter. Likewise Energy cannot influence Information but can  only be its carrier however Information can influence Energy.

Now come the question :

1) Where does the CORE System extracts a pattern of equilibrium since the informational field is affected or extremely unbalanced in terms of function 90% of the world population thinking and feeling stupid.

CoRe does not extract pattern based on some pre-existing knowledge or theory, this is the analytic process of computers and of the left brain. It recognizes the repetition of patter that the Hologram generator produces and that have been pre-assigned to elements of the remedy database. There is no logic/ theory connected with these pattern, only their repetition with statistical significance is recognized and displayed – this is why CoRe stands for COincidence REcognition.

So you are right for the left-brain analytical process it is important that you are surrounded by valuable/ heath information and you do not digest everyday the news that come through the media and yes stupidity is infectious to a high degree.

2) OK, you might respond that the informational field contains the whole, what means it´s recorded there all the vibrational spectra, then the other question would be: How the CORE distinguishes these standards, how does it know which frequency corresponds to the balance and harmony in a form to be applied the patient?

CoRe records and re-enforces Coincident pattern – so now the question naturally should come – where do Coincidences/ Synchronicities/ Unexpected meaningful events and ideas come from ? From where do the happy and dramatic, devastating events come from that are not explainable by “cause and effect” that are called “coincidences” ?

These events come from the Consciousness/Soul/God/SELF level and like with the 2 levels below information cannot influence the SOUL level, however Information can and is the carrier of Soul – and is manifested in Coincidences/ Synchronicities/ Unexpected meaningful events and ideas.






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