Reality Transurfing


Reality Transurfing

One series of books that I want to recommend you is called “Reality transurfing”. The author of these books, Vadim Zeland, has also been a physicist, then IT (information technology) specialist and is now considered a lead-investigator into the new field of information-space. This will be the focus of this century and complement that of the energy age of the 20th century.

He also realizes, that in order to start fresh and become open to understand any new field of science, we have first to define new concepts, separate form those of established energy and matter physics. He defines and gives practical examples based on real observations.

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Vadim calls the informational matrix the “Space of Variations” and different of others who just invent new names, he goes further and defines its components and rules, such as excess-potential, pendulum, importance, intend, eternal and internal intention, coordination.

He describes how to use them to navigate the space of variations that determines the reality that we experience. I will limit myself to give a few examples that show how his ideas express the ideas and an implication of DLE in other words and how all this goes far beyond the simplistic concept of “the law of attraction”.

I quote some key statements, for a fuller understanding and examples please study his writings :

  1. Wishes and dreams never come true” as all wishing, desiring, hoping, believing and most visualization, dreaming will only create an –excess potential- that causes the natural law of the -pendulum- to come into effect and create a neutralizing effect that actually turns result to the opposite to what was originally aimed for. Or in his words “I do not want and I do not hope – I intend”.

  2. The secret of the labyrinth is that its walls come down, once you have stopped looking for an exit and once you have rejected importance”

  3. Awareness and intention allow you to ignore the game of the pendulum and to get what’s yours without struggle. And when there is freedom without the struggle, there is no need of confidence”

  4. As pointless as it is to artificially raise your self-esteem, as pointless is it to squeeze the feeling of guilt out of yourself.”

  5. When it comes to fearing the unknown, you won’t be able handle it by the means of self-suggestion, blind faith or false confidence”.

  6. The paradox lies in the following: to obtain confidence, you need to reject it.”

Particularly the last statement describes the main point of “Transurfing reality”. In order to get not only confidence, desire for money, importance, control, dreams about success, graving for security you have to reject it. In short it is the essence of all spiritual teaching that is based on “non-attachment”. However it gives a fresh approach that shows us not to go into the trap of most spiritual seekers, monks and fakirs who, in their great desire for enlightenment, overlooked the fact that giving up money, sex, careers, personal freedom, a home would eventually create an “attachment to poverty, ideas of sainthood” that acts as informational bonding forces much stronger than what they wanted to escape. Mother Theresa died unfulfilled as she had made the aim to “Sacrifice herself to aid others” so exclusive that DLE had become impossible and likewise Ghandi did not find fulfillment in his over-indulgence in the concept of “non-violence”.

CoRe is your tool to find disturbed DLE which has the potential to become a cause for such disturbance. ”

One aspect where we go one step further than “Transurfing Reality” in that CoRe offers a tool to find the client specific issues that need attention or that can possibly be the cause for excessive potential. We resonate not only to those things that we carry in us (homeopathic resonance) but also to that which is missing (allopathic resonance) and in this sense the old metaphor that the world is a mirror has to be interpreted.

CoRe healing philosophy is not based on “balancing” as balance usually is associated with a concept of static. DLE in comparison is an oscillation around a center of gravity, an attractor, which has at any point the potential to deviate in a completely unpredictable direction. Unpredictability is an essential feature of DLE that has to become a part and be accepted as a key component of health, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

In this respect also “Reality Transurfing” falls into the age old trap to expect and predict a state of enlightenment that is mainly characterized by an absence of tension and a state of complete ease and fulfillment of all desires if only the laws of transurfing are followed.

What happens that there is a point that something definitely changes that is impossible to put into words, as it is a spiritual aspect and as such transcends linguistic concepts, however it is not free of tension, polarity, on the contrary .

The closest approximation would be that ones “center of gravity” from worry and struggle changes to confidence and certainty not because the absence of things to worry anymore but despite of it. Or in other words a predominance of the spirit (consciousness) over the soul (concepts and ideas).

Transurfing describe intention as the way out of futile hopes, desires whereas visualizing, the traditional way to attract events, in fact always promote to attract the opposite. This “intention” that Zeland at times refers to as “purified intention” is not an informational concept but an attempt to describe a state of consciousness .

Zeland does not describe that work in the space of variations can be done for oneself by others as was understood by the paid prayers that were common until only a century ago. Even less he is probably aware of the fact that these movements and orientation in the informational matrix can be assisted by processes on a machine like the prayer wheels and flags of Tibet and even more effectively by the devices like the CoRe system.

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Given these limitations, I still consider “Reality Transurfing” the best reading material of today, with lots of practical examples and material to shake ones customary idea of the world and thus material that can bring the DLE, the openness for change, which is the basis for all healing, growth and transformation.

Since about 100 years there is lots of talk about some effects in quantum physics where : “The observer changes by the simple fact of his observation the outcome of experiments”. What has been overlooked was that not only “the observation changes what he observes” but even more surprisingly “that what is observed changes the observer”. CoRe is your tool, the microscope of the soul, to make observations in the realm of information the intermediate between the physical and the spiritual world. By being observed it will change what is observed and even more importantly it will change the observer, the client or the practitioner.


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