PART 1 Informational Keys : RANDOMNESS – Blood-dark-field – Pulse – Pendulum diagnosis – Kinesology

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- the pool that gave me so much DLE - inspired these key ideas on RANDOMNESS - these tiles have to be removed now completely as the pool was found to leak


When I ordered the new tiles for the swimming pool and I wanted to have 3 colors randomly mixed, they told me that this will cost quite some extra as the individual 30×30 cm mats have to be hand-combined according to one random pattern.

Here is my question for you : “Why don’t they just mix them all and put them on the mats as they come”? This is a very deep question and you will see it is very much connected on how and why the CoRe system works and why we live our lives the way we do.

This post will be a first one of a series that discusses our dys-functional relationship to “RANDOM”, I will show why I agree with main-stream science that diagnostic methods like Blood-dark field analysis, Puls-diagnosis, Pendulum diagnosis, Kinesology are all giving random results if not forced otherwise BUT why we have to re-understand random as something that is significant and meaningful but gets perverted if mis-interpreted by the left-brain.

Paradoxically it is not as easy to make something look random (the way we think about Random), if you ever tried to paint a room with faux color you know that it very likely looks very patchy – and for some strange reason we think this in not proper.

The reason that we are not aware of that we want to achieve the “ideal” randomness which is actually a purely a mathematical concept which says if we have e.g. 3 different possibilities, as in my swimming pool, that 2 tiles with the same color follow each other is 3 Exp 2 means every 9th tile we can have this  tile repeat twice. Even more rare is the chance that this color is allowed to repeat 3 times in a row, which would be 3Exp3 which means only every 27th tile this would be allowed according to this definition of randomness.

This concept of randomness I want to challenge, possibly for the first time in history. As you possibly know, I was the first to state openly that all so called “quantum medical devices” like Quantec, EPFX, Oberon a.s.o. are based on a random number or event generator, that was also called noise or non-linear generator. Today this is common understanding – however unquestioned – although then it was propagated as very advanced and proprietary quantum science.

Even stranger very many users of these random evaluation generators reported very striking correctness of results or even success in healing based on these findings. For me the next step in developing these random number generators further was so use a semi-conductor random electron source that is also use to encode messages for transmission as a random event generator.

I found that this and probably any random source does not follow this simplistic idea of randomness that was born a few hundred years ago in the heads of some mathematicians. In fact every random pattern in nature, be it cloud or wave formations, sand or stone distributions contain repeating pattern on closer investigation. I was inspired and learned a lot by Stephen Wolfram’s “A NEW KIND OF SCIENCE” that I know is the mathematical backbone or a new Science indeed. From that I developed the CoRe-system that was the first system of its kind to make use of these repeating pattern and thus achieve more reproducible results. 300w" sizes="(max-width: 463px) 100vw, 463px" />

In fact all of our live and growing up means to learn to see repeating pattern and then to either use them or avoid them. Some people are better in this than others and thus are considered quick learners, whereas others make the same mistake over and over again.

The above simplistic mathematical concept is in our way to understand very many phenomena that we know, do exist, but as all that we have no valid scientific theory for, consider magical or illusory. Everybody who does gambling knows that there are days where one win follows another and other days that one looses constantly. Some people are good in perceiving either of the two kind of days early and thus are able to make a living on gambling.

According to the math this could not possibly be the case as consecutive wins or losses are extremely rare. However we all know that good days and bad days are very common and that “one disaster rarely comes alone”.

How can this be explained given the fact that the above mathematics certainly is correct for some applications. Simply – the mathematics assume that there is no connection between the different possibilities that are considered. However in almost all situations there is somebody or something making a choice between the different possibilities – like the person for example who assembles the mats for my swimming pool – and even if he does not choose – he is the connection that creates the pattern that were registered in the PEAR studies or that the CoRe uses to make connections.

This is the factor that math and contemporary science is overlooking – based on the same mistaken assumption that if there is no conscious or un-conscious choice possible and as a result its conclusions are less and less universal.

Given this simple reasoning we can say that if we see in our life pattern that means in the simplest form successive events of success or failure we know that we are the one that are connecting the events – as alone they would have only equal chances of occurrence.

The CoRe system is doing this evaluation of events, that most, would consider COMPLETELY independent of our doing or intending – the emission of a semiconductor that is not even physically connected to us. BUT as we can see pattern in this considered “random” stream of data – with the above sequence  of thought – we can understand that it is certainly not following the theoretical ideas of “randomness” because we are the connecting element.

Even if you do not possess a CoRe system this understanding of what you consider “random events” in your life will make it possible to gradually make them useful indicators in your life – rather than to discard them as meaningless.


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