Interpretation of Quantum-theory is debilitating

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Quantum theory is based on 2 observations on the level of elementary particles :

UNCERTAINTY :  in some cases only statistical estimation of results are possible.

NON-LOCALITY:  some particles continue to be  synchronized, even if separated

These two observations were discussed by Einstein in the following way : Regarding the UNCERTAINTY he said “God does not play dice” and the fact that we can only give statistical calculations  simply is the result or our incomplete knowledge of the processes involved, given our current knowledge.

NON-LOCALITY he called “Spooky interaction at a distance” and believed that once we know more we would be able to see that there are  mediating force that we simply do not understand yet.

New Age has dumped all these thoughts of moderation and come up with the hypothesis that effects that cannot  be calculated  other than as  probabilities, because of the “Observer-effect” – what he decides to see – will happen, if he decides the “Cat should be alive” it will be alive.

The “interaction at a distance” was explained by the hypothesis that “we are all connected – whatever we do, will instantaneously affect everything else”. Most people do not see that this is just a hypothesis, a way to interpret results, that is just arbitrary, not justified by anything but believe.

What for centuries was the privilege of GOD, New Age has handed to the individual – assuming that when  a “Sparrow falls from the sky” is not so because it was GODs plan (as stated in the Bible) but because someone intended it to be so. In New Age it is a common term to call One-self CO-Creator (together with God) not specifying if there is still any need for GOD – in fact it is under-sweet-cover Atheism.

Wayne Dyer who wrote 35 books on “how your intention creates your health and reality” – was now diagnosed with Leukemia but still is holding “I am GOD”.

Despite the many examples to the opposite, there are those who never the less lecture this New Age interpretation of Quantum effects – one of them is Amit Goswami. His central argument is that Quantum theory “shows” that it is possible to change reality simply by observation –WITHOUT THE ENGAGEMENT OF ENERGY  because this would contradict the first law of physics. He also believes that the control-mechanism  of existence lay outside the physical realm and no energy is allowed to leave it because of the “Conservation law of physics”, maybe God, maybe the Informational Matrix, but for him it is the individual that by his “Intent” can choose which possibility should actualize – but this has to happen without transfer of Energy.

This way he is giving a pseudo-scientific justification for the “American dream” which says “You can do everything you want, you can have everything you want – AND you can have it easily – it does not need that you to do any hard work”. You just have to envision it, choose the reality you wish and the “Law of attraction” the “Quantum law” will do the rest.

In fact this is not the original “American dream” of the founders, they knew, as all healthy cultures before them that “hard work -energy- together with right intent” gives results, one without the other does not. PLUS and equally important, they knew that even then a major part of the outcome is not in your hands but in that of GOD. (IN GOD WE TRUST)

But over the centuries this was watered down as in all aging cultures and now it is being solidified by interpretations of physical effects that equally well could be explained as Einstein thought with our lack of knowledge or with even more humility as the result of the “plan of God”.

However this New-Age interpretation is in line with the vanity of most people who want to believe that they can change the world from the comfort of their living room – just with enough “good intention”. They are even told that their consciousness contributes to the  “Global consciousness” that makes physical experiments spike when big events are going to happen like 9/11 – simply because each one of them is all-connected and all-knowing. (it is not God anymore that gives signs of impending doom)

Amit and all other Quantum activists are not seeing that they are just adding another nail in the coffin of the USA culture that is turning millions into consumers that believe they are creating the world with consciousness from their arm-chair-reality. A world that has “Take it easy” as its highest principle and nothing should be difficult, throw away when you don’t need it anymore and eat, dress, live in the most easy way.

Children believe that it is their natural right that they can have what they desire, because they are the creators and as quantum theory tells them, it works only, if you do not work to manifest it, as this would violate the first law of energy conservation – what is hard to get is anyway not right for you.

AND anyone who is sick and even dies of his sickness has to accept that it is his fault, as the laws of Physics show that all is just “waves  of possibilities” until they are made reality (collapsed into reality) by the conscious choice of the individual. If those cancer people do not use this quantum-right they are just not willing to be healthy or not enough informed about their divine nature.

This believe in general does not empower people to change their world – as it is based on the faulty assumption that via the OBSERVER-EFFECT  all is possible and that it can be done without effort – and this simply is not correct. So the majority believe they posses already a quality that is only possible to some degree with much dedication.

People who believe in this quantum religion will in most case end very depressed for two reasons FIRST they do not get what they want SECOND they can only blame themselves.

And on a culture level it turns people in individuals that have no actual connection because they already believe they are “all connected” without any effort on their side necessary. 9/11 and all the wars before and after can happen because people are brought up in the believe  that they are knowing best what is good for them and they already have the power to be the creators of their lives.

And just like popular religion had the paradise idea – the new age religion – is has created the delusion that once a critical proportion of population believes in their “creator-role” they will make wars and abuse by individual impossible.

10 years after 9/11 two million people have seen this video and many similar ones and they agree that they are being mis-guided and still nothing is changed because they are split into millions of tiny little Gods – without a vision that is based on any reality.

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…. and no activism will ever change this as Quantum-Theory without any interpretation shows first of all – the fate of large collections is perfectly predictable


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