Quantum Pendants and other ZERO-ENERGY devices


Its a time of change – and certainly this will not let the holly cows of new-age and energy-religion untouched

THE 3  evolutionary STEPS OF “Quantum Medicine”

1. Until recently people were told that devices that can read you from a distance are quantum devices  – now everyone knows, after Kiran brought it up, that  they are random results generator like all other NLS (non-linear systems) – and of course it is clear to everyone

2. A few years ago energy medicine was the cutting edge – “although being used for about 60 years – this edge was getting a bit dull” then Kiran introduced the concept of “informational medicine” and now everyone sells his technology under this heading

3. Now Kiran introduces the idea that “No form of healing, be it chemical, energetic or informational will ever be uniformly successful – if it does not integrate and give proper importance to spiritual healing” – and I predict also this will become – of course so obvious to everyone that again nobody has to think about it and many will want to make money on this new idea


Here are some who already jumped on this bandwagon – and they help you to make this new quantum leap more easy :

They start it with repeating the common new age “statement of faith” (not forgetting the dark forces also):

Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla brought breakthroughs in physics and free energy technologies 100 years ago, advanced Unified Field based inventions have been created. But not until now have they been released beyond the monopolization of the dark elite. Now companies are coming out with superconducting devices that restore the alignment, harmony, synchrony, and resonance between the Zero Point Field — Universal Source — and anything that they come near.

and they of course have the new and advanced “

Quantum Scalar and Zero point Energy Pendant

(from the altered state website which to me is an extreme example of how commercial alternative medicine has become)

AND HERE IS THE USUAL PROOF THAT IT WORKS (always the same old stuff)


http://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/wp-content/uploads/Proof-300x252.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 323px) 100vw, 323px" />

- but its not "in the pudding" but of course in Kirlian and Darkfield-Blood-Analysis




Quantum Scalar and Zero point Energy Pendant




BUT NOW HERE COMES THE SURPRISE – the backside looks like this :




who would want to leave the SAINTS out of the quantum world – we can use all the help we can get – and if it makes some extra money – even better





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