Quadtrinity – the result of a long journey


Summary: Development of the idea & symbol of the Quadtrinity. / Definition of the 4 Elements/ The nature of hologram  to combine symbolically diversity in unity

Purpose : To create a base coordinate system that allows to organize concepts like matter, energy, information, awareness, emotion, thought, spiritual practice and of course the various forms of illness in a single system

Dear friends

I feel fortunate that it is just this turn of the year that I have the impulse to make an idea public that has been many years in the making.

As many before me I felt the need to put the “All and everything” that is our world and experience in  a single system of thought and possibly even in a single symbol.

A symbol is the stronger the more complete and simple it is at the same time. As I have explained in many of my seminars the cross, star of david, yin-yang, moon and star, the caduceus and the swastika are the most profound and powerful of these symbols as they are representing the most basic informational quality which is Polarity, they are dyads and thus make DLE possible.

Then there are many different symbols that represent the Trinity and and any trinity is a combination of 3 Dyads.

Reality can be represented with any number of base coordinates, there is no magic “REAL” number and there is no point in asking if the alchemical system with 4 basic elements is better than that with 3 which is used for example in Ayurveda or inferior to the Chinese one that either uses 2 or 5 basic elements.

The talk about “what is real in all these systems” has always hidden the fact that none of these informational concepts is real in comparison to an actual experience of ONENESS. Informational systems are more-or-less practical and more-or-less generally applicable, but don’t get confused by applying the concept of “real”.

When the concept of “real” is used it always suggests the idea of “either-real-or-not-real” and is thus the basis for many discussions or wars that serve nobody.

As you all know, the 20th century was based on the almost religious believe that our world consist of Energy and Matter only and in fact all was “believed” to be energy, frequency, vibration. Consciousness and thought was considered to be outside the realm of science, un-touchable, and only its effects on the energy level were eagerly examined.

From the beginning I knew this was as incomplete as the view of the middle-ages that only studied the holy trinity.

The FIRST KEY : It was a key revelation to understand that consciousness was not mind activity, in fact it was its complementary opposite just like matter and energy. Mind activity was only one very limited expression of a third Dimension which I call “information”.

The SECOND KEY : in this development was to think more deeply about what we actually mean when we talk about Matter, Energy, Information, and Consciousness. Of course we were all told it is not as simple to say Matter = Solid Stuff but it was more correct to say Matter is Energy in Motion…. but then what is ENERGY ? and here we are all left to our sensual intuition….

As you see from my QUIZ “What is energy” there was not much response …. How is this possible? As we are having Energy taking the place that once GOD took in peoples world view. Most of us simply think of energy as that which makes us move and continue, it’s what fuels us.

OR in the Wikipedia definition it is “That which gives the ability to do work”….. and I asked “Why does this contradict a major other law of physics?”

The concept of “Energy” was practically developed at the same time as the First and Second law of Thermodynamics of which the FIRST states that “The quantity of SOMETHING is conserved in all physical transformations” AND in the SECOND that “The useful amount (ability to do work) of this SOMETHING is always diminishing in  every physical transformation”. The first law is also called the “LAW of CONSERVATION” and the second the equally important “LAW of increasing ENTROPY”.

If you now replace the word SOMETHING in both above laws with the word ENERGY it is clear that the definition of ENERGY = the ability to do work would contradict one or the other, (If Energy is the ability to do work and the amount of this ability is conserved in every physical activity/ transformation a loss through increasing entropy would be a contradiction)

Here I just showed you that even the concept ENERGY that has been subject to the strictest scientific minds is very unclear even from its definition.

The THIRD KEY : was for me to find definitions for Matter, Energy, Information, Consciousness that would limit the overlap that these concepts have in our understanding and at the same time would make them more universally applicable. To  take down the imaginary boundaries that limit the use of concepts like matter and energy to that of Physics and that of Information and Consciousness to that of Religion  and Psychology.

These are the synonyms/explanations that I consider the most fitting for this expansion of meaning and purpose, while not contradicting contemporary physics :

matter = momentum

energy = change

information = ? this is the topic of my NEW YEAR QUIZ

consciousness/spirit = oneness

http://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/wp-content/uploads/Quadtrinity-table-polarity-replaced-with-Question-marks-300x184.png 300w" sizes="(max-width: 801px) 100vw, 801px" />

This  means matter has not the quality of momentum and energy not the ability to excite change but the inertia in a event is its material aspect and the change is its energetic dimension.

If we define Energy = Change both above laws of Thermodynamics are fulfilled we have just to understand that the it is not correct to equate Energy with “usable ability to do work/ transformation” as its quantity is obviously not conserved in physical processes as the Entropy increases, however the amount of Change is conserved as the hot particles still have as much change of position or kinetic-change quantity.

In addition to this we know that the Physics defined 2 basic kinds of Energy, one is the actual and the other the potential. Potential energy with this understanding is POTENTIAL CHANGE. With this terminology the 2 laws of Thermodynamics read as following :

  1. The combined quantity of CHANGE and POTENTIAL CHANGE is constant in all physical and non physical  processes
  2. The amount of usable Energy is decreasing in all physical processes that do not have technical means to make use of “random change”.

With this redefinitions above not only we removed present contradictions in central laws of physic but, and this was much more important to me, we can now apply the concepts of Energy and Matter to event, emotions, thoughts and every aspect of our life. AND on the other hand we are able to meaningfully apply the concepts of information  and consciousness to the realm of physics….. much more about this in the coming month. (also about the nature of “potential change” I will speak more in the coming posts)

The FOURTH KEY : that I always felt was to design a system that in its essence points to the ONENESS of it all. In other words whenever we divide conceptionally our experience we have to be aware that this is an informational approach as it creates Polarity/ duality/ separation/ discrimination.

The question-marks are there to make you think about the self-similar structurehttp://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/wp-content/uploads/Quadtrinity-Hologram-with-question-marks-300x266.png 300w" sizes="(max-width: 650px) 100vw, 650px" />

Those holograms that show self-similarity on different levels are however a great informational compromise in this dilemma. The same divisions, pattern, ideas, laws are repeated in every part of the whole. There are many mathematical examples of such self-similar holograms, of which fractals are the most known ones. But holistic healing always used the concept of self-similarity, as for example the Iris, the blood, the ear, the hair, the spine, the teeth and every other part of the human body can be studied as a representation of the whole.

AND one more important aspect that enters if we use self-similarity  as the descriptive concept: Energy is never existing in pure form but there is material energy, informational energy and sprit energy and with the definitions of above we can also explain what this means and start to study it in more detail. In fact it you do this with all for elements if you go down to the 3rd level of self-similarity  you get  3Exp4=64 permutations and this is the reason why 64 has such an important function both in biology for example with the 64 permutations of the 4 DNA or 64 human states exemplified in the I-Ging.

One of the best examples of these self-similar holograms is the Sierpinski triangle that is also part of the Health Navigator and AIM logo. It is particularly suited to the ideas that I will unfold in 2010 as it is made up of 4 trinities that in themselves are each made up of 4 analog trinities and so on without end. The description of what this symbol means will fill books as a symbol is at best an expression of everything.

And this will not only be a philosophical discourse but will give wings to your understanding of health and disease.

http://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/wp-content/uploads/notariztion1-300x225.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px" />

These and other key documents to the science of information have been notarized to proof the date and author of origin


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  1. Hi there Kiran,

    Not being an academic in physics or the likes, but having a long background in business, surely if we define energy as “change”, matter as “momentum” and spirit as “oneness”, then logically information should be defined as “understanding”. 

    So the explanation of quadtrinity would presumably be:
    (a) The Understanding of Oneness gives Momentum to Change or
    (b) The Change in Oneness gives Momentum to Understanding or maybe even
    (c) The Momentum in Change gives Understanding to Oneness.

     My mind boggles!  Looking forward to seeing you again in Johannesburg.

    Best regards,
    Paul Ezra

    Hello Paul

    it would be wonderful if there was a possibility for Momentum/ inertia of change or understanding but there are only momentum of habits and the desire to keep things as they are…. if it would be otherwise out world would look different

    To define Information as Potential makes it universally usable in physics as well as in Psychology… whereas understanding is limited to psychology…. but certainly Understanding is a form of Potential and a very important one

    Good your “Mind boggles” this is an experience of DLE…. and as strange as it sounds this is the way to make a connection to the informational matrix and eventually to experience of ONENESS….

    see you in 2 weeks almost on the same latitude in Johannesburg